Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Still Hex Bracelet!

Bracelet enthusiasts take heed! Yes, I mentioned this on Facebook before National Day and as promised here it is! The Still Hex Bracelet, brought to you by Still Carvings. LOL has the name stuck on yous yet? I'm trying as hard as I can to turn this into somewhat of a label. InsyAllah in a few years I'll get it fulfilled. Just have to push my arse harder. Seems impossible now that I have work but insyAllah, rain will fall and I shall wake up after the storm with a little shop on my shoulders haha!

Come hither, personally made these bracelets with me own two hands and a few fingers. Got inspired by Craft Gawker and thought, why not?

You like?

The picture does look a little shabby as compared to the one that I'm wearing above but it looks great on wrists I tell you! I made them with vinyl and hex nuts from the hardware store. Now, isn't that just ridiculously suave? And I'm only gonna be making 5 of these so you do the math. 2 couples and one lonesome but awesome hipster perhaps? Yes? Or 5 real bestfriends who want to outshine everyone else? Or one person wearing ALL 5! Now that would be something I would do myself =)

You know the drill, babies! Interested, inbox me on Facebook or text, whatsapp, email. Whatever means possible, all welcome to get on the cool bandwagon!

Friday, February 24, 2012

About the "About-To-Be-Wed"

Hola chickas!

Hope everyone's been having a blessed and blissful Friday so far. Me, on the other hand, am sifting through things slowly because face it, Fridays are always good to be doing nothing when doing everything. In straight thinking term that would mean "pretending to do a lot of things when really you're not because your head's on the weekend already."

Anyhoo, my bestfriend got hitched earlier this month and my mom was as much involved in the preparation as I was. I think I have never mentioned this before (kept forgetting, sorry!) but my mom arranges "Hantaran" or "Gangsa" for weddings and engagements. It started as a hobby coz she's very passionate about things wedding-y and then it became a business slowly so in order to help my two friends and also my mom, I brought them together et voila! Magic!

Her philosophy is always simple and elegant. The styles always change but the concept is still always there. We kind of enjoy looking at her doing it because she would always be so tranquil and at ease - so you can tell how much into this she is as much as people who arranges these things for a living. For Danny and Enoy, I personally sent the things to their houses but surely we can make an arrangement when you require our service :)

So yes, anyone who is getting married and would like for my mom to help them with their hantarans, please get in touch with us and we'll make an arrangement together.

Oh don't you just looove Enoy's fiery pumps? HOT!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's just one of those days


When you don't realise that you've made a rookie mistake of wearing pattern with another pattern. And you wore that outfit to a contract signing thing where pictures were being taken of you.

Oh mondieu!

That was me yesterday! And how gaspfull was the discovery when it was already too late to correct. Anyway, this only tells me that no matter how safe I try to be I will always, once in a while, revert back to not caring although the day calls for being smart, professional and at par to where I'm at.

Got a few bracelets being made right now. Been falling back on my sideline things because things at work have been very hectic. Not so much hectic as blah but this is work, man, and I keep telling myself to chin up though at times it's like - impossible. But then again I always look forward to the next day very excited to know what it has brought me. So far, there has been many eye-opening things but that is work for you my friend.

Work and Life. You are awesome :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

And I was right!

I feel a lot better today!

Nothing plenty of rest and drinking lots of water couldn't do. AND I also made a vegan dish for my lunch and dinner out of silken tofu, broccolis, carrots, half a capsicum, mushrooms and a dash of V8 Tomato Juice.

Woke up today feeling like I've just been sweating out a one hour aerobics class AND had a refreshing shower.

Well here is to hoping that my day will be productive and full of non-stressful things and queries.

Thank you, Allah.

p/s. found picture from my photo archive. I think it was from our BBQ last year AND I honestly was thinner. OOO woe is me. Not to feel too crappy though, I've built resistance and I'll be back (hahaha seriously why do I always like to kid myself).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

10 Things That Will Make You Really Happy

  1. Getting things done on time.
  2. Getting a lot of things done at one time.
  3. Doing things to get them done.
  4. Doing a lot of things to get them done.
  5. Sweating out the stress.
  6. Muscle mass (Grrrr!!!)
  7. Eating lots of veggies and fruits.
  8. Drinking lots of water.
  9. Resting.
  10. Plenty plenty plenty of rest.
Although, I must say, numeros 9 et 10 have shown me that I am not bionic and "woman" as is best described of me, do not actually have "super" in front of it.

I have been doing a lot since February started that my energy level has dropped drastically. I am, today, not at work but lying in bed under my most comfy duvet trying to get better. All the supplements and greens, veggies and liquids cannot simply make a woman "super". Well I know for sure this is one way of Allah showing me that I am human and through His care I am now bed-ridden and resting.

You know what, it actually feels so damn good to be at home right now. Just took a tall glass of apple+celery and my body temp's a bit cool already. More liquids and I should be fine by end of today insyAllah.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Isn't it just lovely coming back from a really great weekend?

First of all, I would like to wish my bestfriend, Mohammad Asyraf Danial, a hearty congratulations for tying the knot with his lovely wife, Enoy. Nothing is better than seeing two very lovely people get wedded together. May Allah SWT bless you with abundance of rizq and a lifetime of happiness. I can confirm that these two people are the loveliest and warmest people I've ever met and I will not be surprised if life turns out better than they expected now that they've been joined in matrimony.

For the entire week also, my trust in my friends was tested greatly. It feels great knowing that you have friends that have your back and are willing to help you whenever they're needed. Thanks to those who came with me to send Danny and Enoy's wedding gangsa's and who kept me company while driving 60km/hr in the heavy rain, talking and laughing as if it was just yesterday that we turned 16. Of course the reality is that we are not 16 anymore but I feel that with true friendship, we can act however we like around each other yet still be mature when it comes to decision making and helping out.

On the other hand, I was faced with the realisation that some people whom I thought of as good friends turned out to be, well, not good friends after all. I can't believe what I had to be faced with and it surprised me how such situation was handled in such a childish and immature manner. Astaghfirullah. Seriously can't believe my eyes and my ears when I was tried to be manipulated. Words were twisted and turned in a way that would eventually convince me to do something that was against the law of nature. It was, frankly, a bit insulting to my intelligence and I was so angry at the thought that they tried to make me give in and do as they wish. Please, I have principles and it is based on my beliefs in my religion and what was taught to me by my parents. It is also the norm of human. Ethics is the word and that was the one thing that they tried to push me against.

Astaghfirullah. I seriously need to rethink about the people I'm friends with. I do not tolerate things that can tarnish my reputation as my parents' daughter especially, and my position in an organisation mainly. If I had to lose these friends so be it, as much as I like their company, but they have tried poisoning me. There are more people out there who can steer me towards jannah and be the best examples to follow. InsyAllah.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hebah Ahmed

I speak true to myself when I say that I have a feminist side that always wants fair share and equality between men and women. I do believe that ladies are just as apt at everything as the gents are. But somehow the Bruneian culture, and of course everywhere else for that matter, states otherwise. A bit unfair isn't it?

I was just reading Hebah Ahmed's essay for her contribution for the book "I Speak for Myself" and thought wow this is something that I myself feel strongly about and I'm from a different generation altogether. The fact that we think alike says a lot about the way we were brought, how we bring ourself out there and what our principles are.

Islam is a very simple religion and it doesn't tell us to do much but somehow we find a way to complicate things because we mix too much with culture and a mix of cultures. My opinion is that it is alright to do things based on culture and beliefs that we were born into but when it clashes with religion, that's when minds start to disagree and people bicker over the smallest of things. There are so many superstitions out there and some mistake this for religion too! One way to help with this is by reading broadly and listening or watching a broad range of talks and preaches by sought-after people. Since doing this my perspective of Islam has widened and I thank Allah for guiding me through, for opening my heart and making me, now, to easily accept this beautiful faith.