Thursday, January 26, 2012

Surah Al-Kahf

Have you started on your Surah Al-Kahf yet?

Always been wondering what is being talked about because the words seem so vague in the translation (or maybe my heart was still covered by my mortality) but alhamdulillah now I know. Good to recite this Surah every Friday, insyAllah :)

If you read the tafsir and think about how long ago the Quran was written, you'll be surprised and amazed at how this surah can still relate to what is happening around us at this very present.

The weekend is upon us! Been reading/hearing a lot of news about accidents on the road. Please, everyone, drive safely and carefully!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today's Inspiration

Allah is the greatest!

Thought I'd share this with everyone today. Wallahi, the most eye opening one I've listened to yet. It is prove that words from the Quran are words of truth and our lives are ruled by it. But we choose to ignore the truth. We choose to live in denial because we love Dunya more than Akhirah - yet are scared of death and wants to avoid punishment of hell fire. MasyAllah, imagine if the gap between our love for Allah and love for material things are lightyears away. Imagine how closer to paradise we will become if we follow the ways of the Quran and the ways of the Sunnah.

In this khutbah, Mufti Ismail Menk mentions of the way most of us spend our money. It is a widely known fact that most of us choose to spend more than we can afford. Most of us don't mind spending for things with the money that we don't have but we suffer the repercussions greatly and then it will be too late for second thoughts or regrets. He mentions, "When you discipline yourself in spending, Allah becomes happy with you." MasyAllah, who knew spending is daawah? But alhamdulillah, I have taught myself to spend on what I can afford only and that is the very reason why I refuse to apply for a credit card.

I had a great run listening to this one. Such a great way to start my day. And isn't it just amazing when the things that we've seen, the things that we think are wrong but can't say, and the things that are so obviously wrong but people are doing them anyway, are also being shared by these great people? I can't say how thankful I am to be given another day to live and to be able to listen to these kind of things. I, for one, like to be reminded about my wrongs and I am securely comfortable to perform my prayers to Allah eventhough I sin every single day of my living. Allah is merciful. This is the most beautiful religion anyone can ever be born into.

And just two nights ago I had a meet up with an old friend and we began talking about how some people say, "Why do something if you're not ikhlas/sincere?" especially when it comes to performing our prayers. And then the resolve is that it is NOT whether you are ikhlas or not. You just do it. Because if you're ikhlas, you get pahala, you gain a deed. On the other hand, if you're not ikhlas, you gain nothing BUT you don't gain a sin as well. How awesome is that? It goes two ways you know, you do it you get pahala, you don't do it you don't get pahala but there's no dosa in not doing it as well. Beautiful.

So how? Are we all going to start now despite how heavy are hearts are? My advice is to start slowly. When you get into the habit, you get used to doing it, then you'll realise how much more you'd like to learn about it. InsyAllah. May Allah open our eyes and ignite our hearts. May we be given the strength to succumb to the pressure of the material world and fear of looking like a fool. We just have to put our hearts into it. Just like memorising for our tests - we might not like that subject but we don't want to fail either so what do we do? We do it anyway and in the end we ace it!

Have a great day everyone :D

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Exposing Pornography


Today I reach out to my mothers, my fathers, my sisters and my brothers. This is a very useful video, especially when you have kids and you think that it is too sensitive or awkward to talk about sexuality/sensuality. Imam Yassir Fazaga has now simply lightened the burden of "sharing" about this very sensitive topic. I hope that this can help in facing those awkward situations when need to. This is first a reminder to myself, then to others. May Allah grant us Jannah and may we always follow they ways of the Prophet (PBUH).

A glance is like a poisoned arrow of the arrows of the Shaitaan.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pre-Loved Jems

These belonged to my sister. She'd like to sell them to more deserving people (of course also because her box of stones is now already bursting).

This also means that we'll be selling a lot of our pre-loved things in here. No nasty stuff though :p

Bleu Bulles

Rouge Bulles

Violet Bulles

Pink Silhouette

Yellow Silhouette

Purple Silhouette

BND1.50 for each OR BND4 for all 3

I guess that is the end of this trading business mambo jumbo. If you're interested to get ANY of the things that I have just recently uploaded, please feel free to contact me on my Facebook Inbox, Whatsapp and SMS.

Don't worry, discounts are of course a Still Carvings must. Just need to voice it out yeah ;)

A Necklace and A Ring are sometimes all you need to power on

The last two pieces from my travels.

I simply love the feathers necklace but somebody else deserves it better than I do. With my bulky hijab most of the time, I'll only spoil the delicate feathers so please, take this baby in for me. I'm pretty sure somebody else can rock this one better than I do! A white t-shirt inside, a denim shirt outside and a pair of jeans can definitely make this necklace a cool centre piece for your whole look!

Feathers Necklace BND15

Feuilles Ring
Feuilles Ring BND5

You know the drill :)

Earrings for the Marvellous!

Some more of the things you can grab from here.
As usual, if you'd like to get them, Facebook inbox me, Whatsapp me or SMS me :)

Tribales BND10

Peacock Round
Peacock Round BND16

Peacock Forme
Peacock Forme BND16

Bollywood BND6

Pastels BND10

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wrist Accessories

Hello lovelies!

It's that time again where you get to purchase things from this very humble blogspot, only this time I'm selling you pieces from my travels. First things first, bangles!

The prices are stated below so if you're interested do inbox me on Facebook, Whatsapp or SMS!

Pierres Bangle
Pierres Bangle BND20

Sarcelle Bangle
Sarcelle Bangle BND18

I have earrings, necklace and rings for the next posts. So keep your eyes peeled and plastered to your screen! (If you want, I have matchsticks that you can use).

Come hither and take heed!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dirt and things that come with it

So I was just reading about Frankie's "Fear" section as contributed by its writers and it got me thinking about MY own fears.

As an introduction to a defensive "I can't possibly be scared of EVERYTHING" I shall stand my ground and say that I have a love for heights AND am an adrenaline junkie. That I can say "Aye!" to and proudly raise my glass of blueberry schnapps in the air with a huge smirking smile on my face. BUT. Let me tell you this. I have a writhing fear of something that can make my skin crawl and tingle, my upper lip perspire and my eyebrows crawling towards each other in a crease.


Dirt, in all its glory, to babies can sometimes help them build a defensive immune system, helping them get familiar with bacteria that may harm them but at the same time giving them that hopeful chance of being able to play again in the sand tomorrow. I don't mind about dirt per se, I don't have a care for it at all really but when I have a stomach ache and the toilets I go to are "dirt-full" THAT'S when I start to sweat and get very nervous about the surroundings. This brings me to my next fear - creepy crawlies that come with dirt.

Imagine a situation where the business numbered deux can't be helped. You sit on the toilet, trying to relief yourself when suddenly there it is in front of where you're seated, a hairy spider, though the size of a pea, it's solid eight crime infested limbs slowly nearing to you like it's saying, "I'm small but you fear me. Behold my might for I shall slay you with my wrath!" Now how do you suppose you're gonna do your business then?

Imagine another situation. You sit around the TV to a very silly episode of Running Man with your siblings. Just as you're about to bask in the lukewarm sentiment of the togetherness, there it is again, a spider as big as my hand, crawling infront of you as if it's a pedestrian trying to cross to the other side of the road to get it's daily supply of bug grocery. How on Earth do you suppose you should react, other than scream, jump and RUN to the other side of the room which could easily be 10m away? At this distance it can easily make the spider seem so small but boy oh boy, it's blackness and long-leggedness surely can give you a heart attack.

I remember when I was in Singapore a few years back in a cheapo hotel that revealed to me a very suspicious black stain under the bed covers. That I didn't mind much because I know I can just call housekeeping and make them change the covers if flipping it over isn't anymore an option. It was when I was in the toilet, sitting there, that I discovered the fast crawlies that can crawl up my legs and go further up to parts where I'm even oblivious about. I can't handle creepy crawlies. Yet I can't avoid them either. A cockroach landed on my face once upon a time, while I was sleeping in my bed. I switched on the lights and it was HUGE! It was KING!

I tremble with fear at the thought of these crawlies. I fear that whenever my ears itch, it is caused by these slick little monsters with their winged backs and thorny legs. I shudder at the thought of a spider quickly running up my feet into my shirt and stinging me, turning me into something society can't decipher. Yesterday, there was a caterpillar cocooning against my shoe (my brother said it's because my shoe is cotton). I didn't touch it. I just removed it carefully, very cautious not to kill it or otherwise it wouldn't get to see the light of day as a gay butterfly. But, from the non-touching, my skin became itchy with red blotches on them out of FEAR!!!

It's bad, this thing that I have. I wish there was a way that can help me brave it but I tire at the energy used to just being brave. Can I just use insect repellent on me everyday? Will society accept me for who I am though I smell like chinese herbs and astringent? Will the people in my office want to come for discussions I propose?

Boy, with all this fear talk I'm actually getting a little scared of going to the toilet now. Damn early morning pot of tea!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 things to feel good about yourself

According to me :p
  1. Spend within your budget.
  2. Eat right.
  3. Exercise more.
  4. Meditate everyday.
  5. Spend everyday doing things that you love, with people that are dear to you.
  6. Have meaningful conversations with your peers.
  7. Avoid negative people with negative connotations.
  8. Stop caring too much about the bad things people say about you.
  9. Stop caring too much about what people do to each other, it doesn't concern you.
  10. Sometimes you just have to stop caring at all - just zone out, as will I in a lot of conversations that revolve around stupid unnecessary stuff.
More 10 things coming soon!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quote of the Day

Taken from Mufti Ismail Menk.

Siding with those who are wrong in a dispute just because they are more closely related to us, friends, business partners, countrymen or known to us more than the one who is correct is a grave sin that comes back to haunt us some day. A considerable number of people would side with their family members in a dispute when they know very well that they are totally wrong. The same applies to friends, business partners and acquaintances. This is blatant oppression. A true believer will even side with a stranger when he is correct against those who are nearer in relation or acquaintance. If we oppress in this manner a day will come when in a much more important issue, we may be let down by those who have lied simply to please "their" kith & kin. Imagine a world where justice depends on whether you are connected to the witnesses in one way or another or not. Sadly in some homes where daughters in law are considered outsiders, they too are treated in this way. It is also noticed that some people are ready to side with the influential and the rich and famous rather than the middle or lower categories of society thinking that they may lose their standing with them or a deal or two. This results in the disintegration of society and the spreading of disunity and chaos. What goodness is there in such a "standing" or "deal" with oppressors? Always side with those who are correct even if it be against those closest to you in relation. Refer Qur'aan 4:135
So common amongst us. We think that we are defending family, brotherhood, sisterly bonds or what have you but this act of "loyalty" alone is wrong and indeed a sin. Astaghfirullah. This is first a reminder to myself. May Allah forgive me, and all of us, for all the sides that we've wrongly chosen.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Family Retreat

It was mom's birthday on Friday so we up and left with our bags for a family retreat at Empire Hotel. Can I just say that I am actually quite lifted and feeling very refreshed after a great relaxing weekend? Such a great way to end the week and now, Monday, I'm feeling very energized!

And to top it off I get to spend some quality time with my besties over some really good food, ice cream and conversation.

On another note, 2012 is going to be quite a challenge for me in my scope of work. I'm nervous but at the same time I am excited to be able to do these things. 2012 is going to be a great year, insyAllah.

I hope everyone's weekends were splendid, now here's to hoping this week and the weeks to come will be just as awesome!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Know What You're Saying during Fajr Prayer

Ya Allah, berilah aku petunjuk sebagaimana orang-orang yang telah Engkau tunjuki.
Sejahterakanlah aku sebagaimana orang-orang yang telah Engkau sejahterakan.
Pimpinlah aku sebagaimana orang-orang yang telah Engkau pimpin.
Berkatilah hendaknya untukku apa-apa yang telah Engkau berikan padaku.
Jauhkanlah aku daripada segala kejahatan yang telah Engkau tetapkan.
Sesungguhnya hanya Engkau sahajalah yang menetapkan, dan tidak sesiapapun yang berkuasa menetapkan sesuatu selain daripada Engkau.
Sesungguhnya tidak terhina orang yang memperolehi pimpinanMu.
Dan tidak mulia orang-orang yang Engkau musuhi.
Telah memberi berkat Engkau, ya Tuhan kami dan maha tinggi Engkau.
Hanya untuk Engkau sahajalah segala macam puji terhadap apa-apa yang telah Engkau tetapkan.
Dan aku minta ampun dan bertaubat kepada Engkau.
Dan Allah rahmatilah Muhammad, Nabi yang ummi dan sejahtera keatas keluarganya dan sahabat-sahabatnya.

This video shows Qunut Fajr from different mazhabs. The second one is the one that we in Brunei practice, insyAllah. Best to know the meaning to understand what we're asking from our Lord before we start our day. It's beautiful, isn't it? May we be guided to the righteous path. Amin.

Monday, January 2, 2012

When Families Kinect

Nothing feels better than having to spend the start of the New Year with family members and relatives.

I am so very thankful for being given the chance to wake up and breathe again this year. All my prayers go to my late grandmothers, my aunts and my cousins for though they aren’t here with us today, the very thought of them and how I’ve spent all those past years with them will forever be etched in my heart.

Family is precious. Functional or non-functional, the mere linearity of being connected to one another and being there for each other at times of need or otherwise is always one to be cherished no matter how mind-numbingly annoying our hard times can get. Because at the end of each day, we will always be our own flesh and blood.


2011 was very good. I started it similarly like yesterday. We had a BBQ brunch, which was followed by a game of volleyball that involved all of us (I sat on my aunt’s gate while watching them play but I collected their faraway flung balls so technically I am still part of the volley team right?) I also remember waiting anxiously to be called for work for three months, which worked out well as by March I was already called for a temp. I sat for two temp jobs, one I liked better than the other but both similarly had given me the best experience a girl can ever wish for. Totally worked out for the better with this one I’m rolling.

I think 2011 kind of revolved so much on work that it made social and family time far more precious than ever before. Personally, nothing is better than having to just sit for a cuppa whilst talking about life’s journeys and getting things out of my way with a good conversation with those who share similar values. I can safely say that I grew up so much last year that this year I wish I could skip being 27,28 and 29 and just be 30 already! It’s always good to be able to take control of your own self, no?

But through all those things that I went through last year, nothing beats the many things I learnt about trying to be a good Muslimah. I have shared some of them here and they relate similarly to the simplicity of life and much to my knowing surprise, there are a lot of common sense that relates to the Quran and Hadiths that have been ignored for all these years. I learnt that the things that we do every single day is not something that is “in trend” for just that season. I learnt that during the days of the prophets, all these things have already been done. Surely except that they didn’t have computers but the lack of didn’t stop them from living modernly like us – for their time at least. I wish that I can make it a very serious point to everyone that sticking to your own kind restricts you to just one opinion which can ultimately delay you from your own wishful goals. Goals, though they may sound wishful, can definitely be achieved by having the right kind of support groups. It may seem too far-fetched to want to have something or be someone but nothing is impossible. I tell you that.

So anyway, my family, and me, we’re the sort of peeps who just LOVE to be put in very competitive settings. We’ve played basketball, volleyball, bingo lotto, badminton, bowling, ping pong, Monopoly, Scrabble, UNO AND rock-paper-scissors (we’re very capable of making it very painful). And so yesterday began another trend in using Kinect as a medium to bring us all together while at the same time making us want to rip off each others’ heads and squish each of our eyeballs. It was so much fun! The day was a tournament in itself and though by the end of the day we were all very fatigued and want to cry, my little cousin and I battled it out at dancing! I think it was better than just sitting around the TV. Now we STAND around the TV and impatiently wait for our turns hehe.

Yesterday was a great start to the New Year. I am loving every single one of everyone and I am very very thankful to be part of something so precious and affectionate. Through all our screams and pointing at each other laughing, we all love each other and through thick and thin I know we’ll stand up for each other no matter what. I don’t think we need to give a toss to anything, for all we know we’ve been tossing to life all this while =)