Saturday, September 20, 2014

Beautiful Morning

Assalammualaikum :)

Now that I have finally settled into mommyhood I can say that I am enjoying it to a point where nothing else really matters anymore. I mean, sure i have stillcarvings to take care of but with little Aizil Adam being here I really don't mind not keeping up with procurement. Of course I have carts full of things that need to be acquired. Heck, I have a few items in stock with me that need to be sold but sometimes it is either I don't have time to take care of them because apart from nursing my boy I am also doing house chores because we don't have a helper at home or I put them off by thinking I'll get back to them later but never do.

Life as a mom. It's simply wonderful. About a year ago this time I would already be strickenly panicked if I don't get my business in line with its BP that has been spread out for the quarter (I know, what a nerd, right?) but now, oh boy, I would rather spend my maternity leave doing maternity things.  Before giving birth I have already planned to get back into sewing and I was adamant that I would do it while the baby sleeps. Right now, though, it is imperative that I sleep while the baby sleeps also. It is very important for my soul.

As a first-time mother, I had the baby blues during the first 6 weeks after Aizil Adam came - to the point of depression I suppose - he just wouldn't stop nursing! And I thought that I didn't have enough supply and I was feeling pressured as nobody that I talked to and asked questions knew what was going on. But after meeting with the right people and talking to them I then knew that those were cluster feedings and that little Aizil was going through a growth spurt. Phew a huge hunk of relief for me that was. I aim to keep breastfeeding him and I hope that Allah will give Aizil and I the blessing of rezeki to do so, inshaa Allah.

Anyway, Aizil is turning 2 months in 6 days! He is such a lovely boy. Very pensive! Got me into thinking if it was because I was engineering a contract and a few paperworks for LLRC the whole time I was pregnant? Well if it was I do hope that he will grow up a smart and active boy!

My husband's been a great help too. He's actually the one supporting me fully that I carry on with BFing when I wanted to start giving Aizil formula during my depressed days. Having mom friends in his work place helps too and I am so thankful for that. I find that it is much better to get acquainted with modern moms rather than seek help from older ones as times have since changed and more information can be rummaged from the internet helping us all to relate to our own experiences. I have since been pretty much on track with my son's schedule. When to shower, when to have breakfast, when to pump - all these are in line with his "mommy demands." Sure there are a few times that the schedules don't really align but that's the challenge!

Motherhood, I love it!

And people say that when you get married you will see that there's going to be a HUGE change in something as marriages bring you a whole load of rezeki. They also say that when you have kids the same thing will happen and you will be given a new load of rezeki. Aizil has brought with him so many blessings but I'll save that for later ;)