Friday, March 23, 2012

Things I love today!!

Just so happy and excited to see these (in my state of all black abaya and grey polka dot scarf nonetheless aujourd'hui)!! I haven't been doing fashion-related updates for so long, have I? My D50 (yeah I know, cue the "Damn, that's old!") is busted because for the almost 10 years of having it I have NEVER brought it for service. Terrible, I know. But you see I never had the money before, and when I do now it's already too late. Reason to get a new one I suppose? Tsk. Life of a consumer.


These!!! (screaming frantically *over*)

I LOOOVEEE slouchy dressing. Yes, I am that kind of person. So what? The clothes are comfy, they're warm, you can move however you like and most of all you're happy! Eventhough they're unflattering sometimes but pah! what do people know about what's flattering?

And I am also loving all things with bold colours. It's all about the vibe in elegance. With it, even the cheapest garment you get can look so dear.

Yes, I am pretty excited talking about colours and dressing up. This weekend a wedding is going to happen and I can't wait to dress up terribly uncomfily mais feels good on my skin. Not really though, it usually gets a bit irritating but you get the gist hey?

Pictures courtesy of The Sartorialist.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Has shame been overshadowed by pride?

Day in and day out I seem to get the gist of things around here. I think there are a lot of egos clashing upon each other that sometimes one blame the other for not being who they want the other to be.

How did that happen? When did we stop being so nice? 

Well, for a start, no one has ever been nice to the other be it upfront or behind but please, has people got no feeling of humanity and unity at all that they refuse to oblige and just be mean? Man, if I have a dollar for every time I even ask that question. Sigh. What happened to all of us? What is wrong with society? Sure, maybe it's because of myself. My expectations are on the same wavelength of a hippy devoid of attention from his corporate parents but surely it couldn't be THIS bad hey? Why why whyyy is everyone so mean to each other?

Why do people resort to doing mean things rather than doing it nicely when they want things to be done their way? What is so wrong with letting your guards down and saying nice things about a person in their defense? Goodness me, aren't you all afraid of the afterlife? 

And don't get me started on the lack of respect I see happening in here.

Everyone competes to get attention but they don't know that I have been observing them closely. Nobody is perfect. Nobody is greater than the other. Nobody is more hardwarking than the other. I am lacking a lot of these qualities also so is it correct that you'll answer me yes if I ask you if you've been saying things behind my back too? Gaaah! Astaghfriullahalazim, I know Allah is giving me a test to see if I can do this. I can indeed do this. I have been told to do things the wrong way but no, I'm smarter than that and I will not do something just so that the person requesting will feel happy that another is being scolded.

These people think that I'm scared to confront. I have my ways. I am not stupid enough to beat somebody's ego in front of everyone. Please, can you all just stop it with this nonsense? I am tired.

Have more respect towards each other and we'll all be friends. OK?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Fun Read

LOL I have been looking for a fun read for daaayyysss and I have found one! Sharing this with everyone in case you are also looking for a fun read like me ;)

Monday, March 19, 2012

"You're the blogger!"

Just got off the phone with precious Mandy of BAG over some accounting thing and during the "Here's my email, what's yours?" thingamajig, I was spelling out my email to her when I heard a giggle at the other end of the line.

"You're the blogger!"

LOL! Maybe I've been really down at work and I have been totally uninspired to write but boy, oh boy, did that make my day. 

At this point in time I think I'd be most happy if I were recognised doing what I love the most, then as what I do to earn a living. Is that bad?

But anyhoo, thank you so much, Mandy of BAG, for making my day :D 

Magic unto paperback heads


So many things to be updated about but so little time. I am now fighting time with the magic of typefont done as quickly as a cat can make a run for it across the road.

This is what I wish to feel right now, though at the brink of insanity: loudly cheering happily through the roar of cries in my head, laughing til my lungs tire from all the forced deep breaths I've to devour AND I want feel that feeling that I feel everytime I eat laksa at Melbourne Central's Secret Recipe (with that you should know that no laksa in Brunei can suffice my craving).

However, this is how I feel right now, at the brink of insanity but still hanging on to the edge of the cliff: ..........................................................

Get it?

Propositionumundo! I am so tired.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quote of the Day

Wahai ayah dan ibuku,

  1. Berikan daku makanan daripada sumber yang halal.
  2. Sihatkan dan suburkan tubuhku dengan beridah bersama
  3. Hindari daku daripada segala bahaya terutama azab neraka
  4. Awasi kecenderunganku agar selari dengan syariat
  5. Pastikan ilmu fardhu ain daku sempurna
  6. Dorongilah daku agar memiliki akhlak yang terpuji
  7. Nasihatilah daku dalam menjauhi sifat yang keji
  8. Tanamkan rasa bertuhan dan kehambaan di dalam hatiku
  9. Suburkan kecintaanku kepada Allah
  10. Didiklah daku dengan sunnah Rasullullah
  11. Bimbinglah daku dengan ajaran Islam yang lengkap dan sempurna
  12. Latih dan Jadikan daku Pejuang Kebenaran
  13. Ingatkan daku peranan sebagai khalifah Allah SWT di dunia
  14. Doakan daku semoga menjadi anak yang soleh dan solehah.
  15. Doakan semoga kita akhirnya berjumpa lagi di Syurga Allah.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I was there

Brunei vs Myanmar

I think a lot of you have come across THIS article about how embarrassing it was for the whole of Brunei for the act of some disrespectful hooligans towards the Myanmar supporters.

I have to say that I was totally embarrassed because I was there and I saw what happened. We sat a few steps away from the Myanmar supporters and we actually witnessed Bruneians throwing things at the Burmese. To top it off, it wasn't just "things" you know, they threw RUBBISH to these poor supporters. I was angered at the fact that one person hit the head of an older Myanmar supporter, and when a younger counterpart tried to defend him and complaint to the Bruneian policeman who was standing there right behind them, the police just smiled and nodded not doing anything! What sort of a job is that? The police was posted there NOT to put a close watch on the game BUT on the people who were in grave danger of such acts of stupidity. At another time, I think it was after the second Brunei goal, somebody from the above seats threw hard something and it hit a young Burmese girl's head and she CRIED! Nobody defended her! Sure, a police officer went up and "attempted" to "catch" the culprit but when the person was like, "Bukan aku!" the police relented. I was frustrated! I even saw one of the policemen quietly taking a picture of the flags being hoisted along the stadium's path WHEN the chaos was happening. He was totally ignoring what was happening behind him. Why. What is wrong with the system?

I don't get it. Seriously, I don't.

Because if that was to happen to a small number of Bruneian supporters in a place where majority of the supporters were Burmese, they will NOT disrespect us the way we disrespected them.

And honestly, I think Bruneians just LOVE to HATE others. They didn't even realise that the people who trained in GREEN were Bruneians so they boo-ed these people ignorantly. Yes, ignorant. That's the word. I think that's a typical Bruneian attitude, isn't it? Hating people without checking truths beforehand. This doesn't just apply to football either, in real life when friends hate somebody they don't even know, as long as their other friends hate that person, they'll be hating that person as well. Why is that? I really don't get this kind of attitude. It doesn't show MIB and it doesn't show a respectable human trait. And then when the Burmese actually came out, the Bruneian supporters boo-ed these people too! So if both teams were boo-ed and humiliated publicly like that, who are we actually supporting? Were we just there to escape work, family and chores at home? Were we just there to release our tension at work? Come give me your answers because I surely cannot understand this kind of lame attitude.

And it's so typical for people to hina and condescend these people by saying things like, "Balik tah! Kalau esok rumah inda siap awas!" So typically Bruneians only think of expatriates as people who build houses here? But what about those supporters I saw rocking a really smart attire, with their ties and tailored pants? Are those house builders as well? And what is SO mightily embarrassing about building houses? Don't you know that it is a noble thing building shelter for families and actually giving them a roof to sleep under? Don't you know by helping us build our roads and houses and all those that Bruneians are too embarrassed to venture to they are actually gaining more good deed than us? Some of these expats are even earning MORE than some of those Bruneians and at least they earn something to make better their living as compared to Bruneians who are too damn choosy and stay unemployed for years?

Think about it.

Sure it's rules of the game but when it becomes personal like that, you ought to think about your safety for here and the afterlife because, my friends, you were not being smart enough.

When the Bruneian national anthem was played the Burmese stood up and respected us but when theirs played they were boo-ed. What does that say about the people of Brunei. You tell me.

I hope it's a better scene later at the stadium with Brunei going against Indonesia.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quote of the Day

"Arrogance & pride is when one rejects the truth and despises people." 

The Messenger pbuh makes it clear that wearing the best of clothing, living in the best of homes, using the best of vehicles etc does NOT mean that one is proud or arrogant. However, when one denies the truth & belittles others thinking he is above the law & others are inferior then such a person is proud and arrogant even if they are not wealthy!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Hasya and her vintage bib ;)

My niece and the bib that I made for her!

Isn't she a doll?

Credits to her mummy, Ka Noi, for taking the pictures for me. It's adorable how a small device is able to capture such sweet sentiment happening between siblings. I just LOOOVEEE those dimples, big eyes and happy smiles. SO CUTE!!!

Here's to more nieces and nephews and more reason for me to make things for them mehehe.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Fo' shizz, I am feeling the urge to sew right now. It's so addictive. I really AM an old lady haha. Anyway, made these for my nieces:

There's another bib that I made which looks very vintage with a fabric flower embellishment but silly me I've forgotten to take a picture.

Ah, sewing machine, needle and thread. Sometimes you give me so much happiness that I feel like I have to put you as my comrades but I have weekends that need tending to (and boy, would I look real silly holding hands with you as I stagger towards the cinema, restaurants and shops). I have a life! An actual one. So I am going to put you aside and get back to you during weekdays. Is that alright?

Gee, seems like "communicating" with inanimate objects has gotten to my head. Loco.

BEE TEE DOUBEYEW (that's by the way, by the way) The Hex Bracelets are now selling for $3. Why you waiting so long to buy hmmmmm????