Thursday, March 22, 2012

Has shame been overshadowed by pride?

Day in and day out I seem to get the gist of things around here. I think there are a lot of egos clashing upon each other that sometimes one blame the other for not being who they want the other to be.

How did that happen? When did we stop being so nice? 

Well, for a start, no one has ever been nice to the other be it upfront or behind but please, has people got no feeling of humanity and unity at all that they refuse to oblige and just be mean? Man, if I have a dollar for every time I even ask that question. Sigh. What happened to all of us? What is wrong with society? Sure, maybe it's because of myself. My expectations are on the same wavelength of a hippy devoid of attention from his corporate parents but surely it couldn't be THIS bad hey? Why why whyyy is everyone so mean to each other?

Why do people resort to doing mean things rather than doing it nicely when they want things to be done their way? What is so wrong with letting your guards down and saying nice things about a person in their defense? Goodness me, aren't you all afraid of the afterlife? 

And don't get me started on the lack of respect I see happening in here.

Everyone competes to get attention but they don't know that I have been observing them closely. Nobody is perfect. Nobody is greater than the other. Nobody is more hardwarking than the other. I am lacking a lot of these qualities also so is it correct that you'll answer me yes if I ask you if you've been saying things behind my back too? Gaaah! Astaghfriullahalazim, I know Allah is giving me a test to see if I can do this. I can indeed do this. I have been told to do things the wrong way but no, I'm smarter than that and I will not do something just so that the person requesting will feel happy that another is being scolded.

These people think that I'm scared to confront. I have my ways. I am not stupid enough to beat somebody's ego in front of everyone. Please, can you all just stop it with this nonsense? I am tired.

Have more respect towards each other and we'll all be friends. OK?

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