Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beads beads BEADS! // and an announcement for the Dreamcatchers

Simba says Hello!
Assalammualaikum all!

Miss Dizzy Moo would like to make a little announcement that she's been keeping on the down low for a while now - stillcarvings has been working on new bead bracelets! Here she is hugging them all to sleep last night wishing them the best of luck upon their release today.


I have six of these to sell. They're very cheap! $5 a pop. And with every one that is purchased by you guys, I will take $1 from the profit and add in another $1 from my own pocket. That amount will then be donated to Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al Hajah Maryam. So say ALL of them get sold, the total amount to be donated will be $12 dollars. Pretty good deal innit? THAT on top of the other 10% made from sales of other items would be an additional help for the organisation. 

So please feel free to make your selection and email me at shop.stillcarvings@gmail.com to let me know what you wish to get. Here's what I need to know from you guys:
  1. Name
  2. Phone number
  3. What you'd like to get
And we go from there. I do meet-ups, delivery AND Speedpost for an additional $4 :) Meet-ups/delivery to Tutong and Bandar will require an additional $4 as well so the option is yours.


  1. I will release them at 8PM tonight.
  2. Upon the release I will make an announcement on Instagram.
  3. Go to my Etsy page HERE. (tell me if it's not working)
  4. Look at the details. Please choose carefully. You will most probably be fighting with everyone else so you wont be able to change your selection once its done. Be quick! Practice by playing cross word puzzles or Sudoku first LOL!
  5. Once you know what you want you can either 1) Make the order directly on Etsy - you have to register first; or 2) Email me at shop.stillcarvings@gmail.com. And please give me your details as mentioned earlier above. But I will give priority to those who make orders on Etsy, okay, so pleaaasseeee spend just 5 minutes to register. 
  6. If you have my Facebook, you can still make your order through that also but #5 still applies.
Easy-peasy right? 

Take Note: I will not consider any orders made through Whatsapp, SMS and phonecalls. Email, Facebook, or Etsy only.

That's about it at the moment, I will keep updating you guys if anything comes up. Til then, I would like to wish you all good luck and happy shopping!!

10% of the sale of these products will be donated to Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al Hajah Maryam.

Monday, September 17, 2012

This Week in Colour

Sobahul Khoir my lovelies! Wishing you a great week ahead. Hope your previous week was as happening as mine was. Was really in the mood to take pictures so here you go, a blog post in colours (well for the most part anyways).

Was given the opportunity to visit Jame Asr' twice last week. Alhamdulillah. Such peace. And also last Friday was my first time performing Jumuah prayer. Yeah I know I waited this long. Khutbah's are even better when you listen to it in the masjid. And I think because it was in the capital that there were many people of different races in there, I'm not only talking about people from Malaysia and Indonesia but really those from Africa and Middle East were there too. I know I sound like a totally oblivious girl but it is my first time, you know. Pure love!

Made this for a dear friend, Noor. She's performing Hajj this year so I thought why not make her something. Gifts tighten the relationship between people and it being Noor makes me want to make it really special for her. Well, she can wear it as a bracelet but really it's a tasbih/rosary for her travels. It's a stillcarvings first too actually. Wishing Noor a very safe journey and back. Who knows, if she brings it with her there, then soon enough I'll get to step foot to Makkah also. InsyAllah.

Lo' and behold! Made this for my sister, Nurul. Haven't actually released any Dreamcatcher Bracelets so here's to announcing their release next week, 25 September 2012. WATCH THIS DATE! For the bracelets, we're using real hemp imported from Hungary. It's the real deal, people! No joke! 

On the same date we will also be releasing Dreamcatchers (ones you can hang in your house, car, above your bed, etc.) and they'll be priced from BND35 above. My sister's made a few of them already and some are being resold because some buyers just can't be serious enough with their orders *sigh* So keep your eyes peeled for these ones. They're serious glamour! Actually all of them are nice. I feel like taking them all into my possession and hang them around me wherever I go but no, one cannot have too many Dreamcatchers so I'm sharing the love with the likes of you lot.

And - hint: Dreamcatcher Necklaces.

Annnnddd here's what I like to call "Tag Services." My cousin, who runs Le Hijab, will be giving the Still Couleurs Bracelets to her lucky customers. They are made from fine cotton fabrics, with pretty floral patterns and hand sewn - each one. They're my latest obsession at the moment. I like doing favours, especially nice ones like this! Well if you're lucky you'll get to slip your hands into these fine babies.

Anyway with these Tag Services. If you ever plan to do what my cousin does, I can help you make any of my bracelets but they can only be given away for free and not to be resold! I'll be attaching stillcarvings tags on the bracelets with my blog address and Etsy shop address and pretty much that's it. All you have to do is distribute and spread the love. You can do this for birthday parties, sleep overs, luncheons, etc. But, there's a but, I can only do 30 pieces within a month coz I have other priotities to tend to yeah. So if you'd like to do more than 30 pieces then you'll have to give me more than a months time. If you're interested you may email me at shop.stillcarvings@gmail.com and we go from there. Price-wise, for these ones, they are BND6 a pop.

The best thing about shopping with stillcarvings is that with every piece of handmade jewelry sold, 10% of the total amount will be donated to Pusat Ehsan. 

I have to thank everyone who has been really supportive so far. Nothing is better than the noble habit of wanting to help the needy. Imagine this, buying a bracelet for the sake of donating, then you give the bracelet to someone, that's already extending a good deed. And if that person gives the bracelet to someone else, the deed gets extended even further. InsyAllah, may the Almighty shower us with his blessings everyday. It is never too late to start doing something good for the sake of Allah. We never know, something this small can get us a passport to jannah. Not being over-dramatic here guys but the power of helping, especially to the needy, is the most noble thing you can do. Let us all help each other to make this into a reality yes? 

Lastly, yesterday, I went to a wedding invitation at BRIDEX. It was the wedding of my friend, Nisa Ali Rahman, whom I have known since my sixth form years. Well, she and her husband have been together for as long as I can remember and they are one of the nicest couples I know. Shame that I didn't get to take pictures with the husband and wife though, but I did take a few with some of my old friends. I met with a bunch of them who were with me in UBD a few years back!!! Some I know from school and some from tuition hehe. Such a small place Brunei is, everybody knows each other. BTW, girls, if you're reading this and would like to get a clearer photo let me know and I'll send you via whatsapp. Photos are uploaded in low-res purposely =)

Basically last week was great for me. Can't be more happy than to be able to meet with people who put me at ease and to be doing things that I enjoy so much (plus I got lots of sleep!) Alhamdulillah. Allah has blessed me with so much. Indeed, with every hardship there's ease. Now on to the new week and to karate chop my way to feeding my OCD till it swells with satisfaction woooahahahah!!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This is a long one

Good Day!

I think this is going to be somewhat a silly post coming from me but alas, I need to let this out to the world else I burst into a spot of bother for everyone coming to me with their hands full of fruits (fruits of their labour, or real fruit baskets). Wouldn't that be just so annoying though? Coming to somebody with good news and then be stomped so hard with lack of support that just makes you feel so freaking useless. Like, what in the world do you want?

Woah, some serious issues with emotions today, matey!

So yesterday my sister and I went to see Katy Perry's 3D Concert in the movies yeah and we were like, "Yeayyy!! *clap*clap*" one minute and "boohooo *cry*cry*" the minute after. Mind you, this happens to us everytime we go and catch these kinds of "inspirational" screenings but who can blame us? Michael Jackson, Glee, Justin Bieber and now Katy Perry. They all talk about their journeys towards stardom and success. Now, don't get us wrong, stardom is far from what we want in life. It's the other thing that we crave to have within our grasps. SUCCESS. Yeap, everyone wants to be successful in all that they endeavor in this life but not everyone can get their dreams fulfilled. Why?

Because the way we handle our struggles differ.

In all seriousness, and not to discourage anyone or anything like that, not everyone is strong enough to handle beatings before they can finally say, "I am so sick of all this! I will brush all this stupid shizz off of my shoulders, stand tall on my two sturdy feet, and be jolly merry with what I have worked hard for! *cue evil satisfied laugh*" because a lot of us choose to go to that direction that gives you easy access to money, food, material things and I don't know what else. I'm serious yeah, not everyone can handle failure. Some choose to just lie down and let other people help them - and I have known people in my life who resort to this *tsk*. I don't understand why it's so easy for them to think that they can just live an easy life by being nobody and from being nobody suddenly becomes somebody but out of other peoples' wealth. Petty, I tell you. Nothing I hate more than seeing others suffer just to fulfill another person's greed. You can say that I'm bitter, yes. Perhaps I am but all for a good reason. Because I can't stand petty people with big egos. They should be banished or sent to a place where they get beat to work.

I have been through all kinds of failures and through all those times, whenever I feel like quitting, I play in my head what kind of life do I want to live as I get older and who is going to support me? If all else fails right I only have myself to blame because I am the only person who solely has control of my own life. It's impossible to get people to support me because they have THEIR own lives to support. Our co-existence in this world depend on how well we carry ourselves and how far we are willing to go in order to grab that chance to a good life. You do not need to be ashamed of your failures. You don't have to come crying to me either because your struggle is not mine to live. I have my own problems. I can only give you vocal support and that's about it. The rest is up to you. If you decide to wallow then so be it, you'll be that way forever.

The point is this: "Don't give up." The second point is: "Work hard!" Doesn't matter how long it takes you to get to point B from A, you shouldn't give up. I have wasted a lot of my years just so that I can be happy with the fruit of my loom and right now I don't feel the slightest bit of regret doing what I love doing because the reward is very yummy indeed! Plus, life has just begun for me. There are still loads for me to do and adjust to make things better and I aint giving up just yet.

OK I have now forgotten why I mentioned Michael Jackson, Glee, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. But the point is when you watch their movies/music documentaries, you will see how these people work their asses off in order for them to achieve what they have always wanted. Sure, I know people are going to protest because we mustn't idolize these people, I am not idolizing but I am simply reaching out to everyone to tell you that though you may think people who are successful must have it easy for the rest of their lives, you cannot be more wrong. Because people put up with a lot of hardship and difficulties before they can really enjoy their earnings. Those who struggle the most will be the most happiest because they stand up after every fall.

And most of all, these are those who don't come crying to other people after every silly failure.

And they are not those who come running to you in joy after every silly "almost" success they get either.

Check yourself first before you stride in pride, will you? And don't give up to become that person whom you have always wanted to be. I refuse to appreciate those who come to me for advice only to find out that they have done something only half-heartedly. Your destiny is yours to fulfill, not anybody else.  And along the way, being nice, treating nice and talking nice about people wont hurt your ego. Don't be amongst those who are at lost. That will be the biggest downfall for yourself.

Like I always tell my staff at work, "Betulkan niat sebelum mengerjakan sesuatu perkara." All else will fall in place.

Have a great week ahead! Bismillah.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday Chatter

Assalammualaikum all,
How's it going on the other side of the screen?

Just want to share something from Mufti Menk that really hits the spot today. Something that happens on a daily basis. Sometimes I wish people could just subscribe and read by themselves. It's so hard to be at par with somebody when the other is all, "Eseh, alim eh" when we try to say something to them that might bring them good. For sure that's intended to shut the person giving advice but if that was me I wouldn't feel nice snapping at someone like that. Well, to me people who cannot accept defeat (advice) from others are just plain cowards and are in denial of their state of being. Mind you, sometimes even adults would feel "offended" when we try to advice them albeit in a very soft and loving way. Too much ego maybe?

And don't get me started on those who complain to no end and then with just a bit of advice they'll start screaming at you and be like, "You don't know me. Try living my life for a second and you'll see!" but don't you remember that with the remembrance of Allah will your heart find ease? Surely you will stop complaining and accept what good people have to say in order to improve yourself to become a much calmer person? I don't get some people.

Please, I have a life that I want to live on my own time and space. I don't need any negative blob to just boink down on me expecting me to pick it up and wallow in pain with it. If I do that, what's left for me to be happy, or how can I be happy at all? Sorry, you have your own deen and iman to take care of as I mine. I only can pray for the best for you and I hope that you will be open enough to accept His hidayah. Amin.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Constance-Approved Still Hex Bracelet

Also available at stillcarvings' Etsy store! 

You likey? This one sells for $15. We can provide you with postal services now with an additional cost of $4. 10% of this sale will go to Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al Hajah Maryam. Lets do this for a good cause yes? You get arm candy, kids of Pusat Ehsan get funded from your being pretty. How's that for a real deal hey? I reckon that's great!

So what are you waiting for? You can either:

A. Email me at shop.stillcarvings@gmail.com to purchase; OR
B. Make an order directly on the Etsy website HERE.

See you!! (or like sellers would say, "Looking forward to hearing good news from you")