Monday, September 17, 2012

This Week in Colour

Sobahul Khoir my lovelies! Wishing you a great week ahead. Hope your previous week was as happening as mine was. Was really in the mood to take pictures so here you go, a blog post in colours (well for the most part anyways).

Was given the opportunity to visit Jame Asr' twice last week. Alhamdulillah. Such peace. And also last Friday was my first time performing Jumuah prayer. Yeah I know I waited this long. Khutbah's are even better when you listen to it in the masjid. And I think because it was in the capital that there were many people of different races in there, I'm not only talking about people from Malaysia and Indonesia but really those from Africa and Middle East were there too. I know I sound like a totally oblivious girl but it is my first time, you know. Pure love!

Made this for a dear friend, Noor. She's performing Hajj this year so I thought why not make her something. Gifts tighten the relationship between people and it being Noor makes me want to make it really special for her. Well, she can wear it as a bracelet but really it's a tasbih/rosary for her travels. It's a stillcarvings first too actually. Wishing Noor a very safe journey and back. Who knows, if she brings it with her there, then soon enough I'll get to step foot to Makkah also. InsyAllah.

Lo' and behold! Made this for my sister, Nurul. Haven't actually released any Dreamcatcher Bracelets so here's to announcing their release next week, 25 September 2012. WATCH THIS DATE! For the bracelets, we're using real hemp imported from Hungary. It's the real deal, people! No joke! 

On the same date we will also be releasing Dreamcatchers (ones you can hang in your house, car, above your bed, etc.) and they'll be priced from BND35 above. My sister's made a few of them already and some are being resold because some buyers just can't be serious enough with their orders *sigh* So keep your eyes peeled for these ones. They're serious glamour! Actually all of them are nice. I feel like taking them all into my possession and hang them around me wherever I go but no, one cannot have too many Dreamcatchers so I'm sharing the love with the likes of you lot.

And - hint: Dreamcatcher Necklaces.

Annnnddd here's what I like to call "Tag Services." My cousin, who runs Le Hijab, will be giving the Still Couleurs Bracelets to her lucky customers. They are made from fine cotton fabrics, with pretty floral patterns and hand sewn - each one. They're my latest obsession at the moment. I like doing favours, especially nice ones like this! Well if you're lucky you'll get to slip your hands into these fine babies.

Anyway with these Tag Services. If you ever plan to do what my cousin does, I can help you make any of my bracelets but they can only be given away for free and not to be resold! I'll be attaching stillcarvings tags on the bracelets with my blog address and Etsy shop address and pretty much that's it. All you have to do is distribute and spread the love. You can do this for birthday parties, sleep overs, luncheons, etc. But, there's a but, I can only do 30 pieces within a month coz I have other priotities to tend to yeah. So if you'd like to do more than 30 pieces then you'll have to give me more than a months time. If you're interested you may email me at and we go from there. Price-wise, for these ones, they are BND6 a pop.

The best thing about shopping with stillcarvings is that with every piece of handmade jewelry sold, 10% of the total amount will be donated to Pusat Ehsan. 

I have to thank everyone who has been really supportive so far. Nothing is better than the noble habit of wanting to help the needy. Imagine this, buying a bracelet for the sake of donating, then you give the bracelet to someone, that's already extending a good deed. And if that person gives the bracelet to someone else, the deed gets extended even further. InsyAllah, may the Almighty shower us with his blessings everyday. It is never too late to start doing something good for the sake of Allah. We never know, something this small can get us a passport to jannah. Not being over-dramatic here guys but the power of helping, especially to the needy, is the most noble thing you can do. Let us all help each other to make this into a reality yes? 

Lastly, yesterday, I went to a wedding invitation at BRIDEX. It was the wedding of my friend, Nisa Ali Rahman, whom I have known since my sixth form years. Well, she and her husband have been together for as long as I can remember and they are one of the nicest couples I know. Shame that I didn't get to take pictures with the husband and wife though, but I did take a few with some of my old friends. I met with a bunch of them who were with me in UBD a few years back!!! Some I know from school and some from tuition hehe. Such a small place Brunei is, everybody knows each other. BTW, girls, if you're reading this and would like to get a clearer photo let me know and I'll send you via whatsapp. Photos are uploaded in low-res purposely =)

Basically last week was great for me. Can't be more happy than to be able to meet with people who put me at ease and to be doing things that I enjoy so much (plus I got lots of sleep!) Alhamdulillah. Allah has blessed me with so much. Indeed, with every hardship there's ease. Now on to the new week and to karate chop my way to feeding my OCD till it swells with satisfaction woooahahahah!!


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