Monday, June 16, 2014

Empty Voids

Salam all!

I have left for too long, haven't I? Well a lot has happened in my life as late and since the last post I suppose and now I am ready to set my virtual foot prints again!

I got wed in March last year and I am 35 weeks pregnant now. Yikes! 5 more weeks and counting. I pray that everything will go smoothly, insha Allah. I am keeping my mind positive and my body ready. Do what Jim Carrey does - keep a vision of what you want to happen in your head and it will happen. Giving it a try. A lot of people are saying things like, "Once your contraction starts there's no way you're going to remember what you learnt in antenatal class or what you were taught to do by other moms!" but I digress! I  will make this happen and it will be with Allah's help that things go well. After all, that's what prayers are for innit?

I just can't wait to see baby and hold him in my arms. Smell him, kiss him, cuddle with him. OOoooh I can already imagine all the great moments we are going to share together. Precious little thing of mine. You will be that one beacon that's going to give me my mojo back coz frankly, I have quite lost it!

More posts soon!