Saturday, September 20, 2014

Beautiful Morning

Assalammualaikum :)

Now that I have finally settled into mommyhood I can say that I am enjoying it to a point where nothing else really matters anymore. I mean, sure i have stillcarvings to take care of but with little Aizil Adam being here I really don't mind not keeping up with procurement. Of course I have carts full of things that need to be acquired. Heck, I have a few items in stock with me that need to be sold but sometimes it is either I don't have time to take care of them because apart from nursing my boy I am also doing house chores because we don't have a helper at home or I put them off by thinking I'll get back to them later but never do.

Life as a mom. It's simply wonderful. About a year ago this time I would already be strickenly panicked if I don't get my business in line with its BP that has been spread out for the quarter (I know, what a nerd, right?) but now, oh boy, I would rather spend my maternity leave doing maternity things.  Before giving birth I have already planned to get back into sewing and I was adamant that I would do it while the baby sleeps. Right now, though, it is imperative that I sleep while the baby sleeps also. It is very important for my soul.

As a first-time mother, I had the baby blues during the first 6 weeks after Aizil Adam came - to the point of depression I suppose - he just wouldn't stop nursing! And I thought that I didn't have enough supply and I was feeling pressured as nobody that I talked to and asked questions knew what was going on. But after meeting with the right people and talking to them I then knew that those were cluster feedings and that little Aizil was going through a growth spurt. Phew a huge hunk of relief for me that was. I aim to keep breastfeeding him and I hope that Allah will give Aizil and I the blessing of rezeki to do so, inshaa Allah.

Anyway, Aizil is turning 2 months in 6 days! He is such a lovely boy. Very pensive! Got me into thinking if it was because I was engineering a contract and a few paperworks for LLRC the whole time I was pregnant? Well if it was I do hope that he will grow up a smart and active boy!

My husband's been a great help too. He's actually the one supporting me fully that I carry on with BFing when I wanted to start giving Aizil formula during my depressed days. Having mom friends in his work place helps too and I am so thankful for that. I find that it is much better to get acquainted with modern moms rather than seek help from older ones as times have since changed and more information can be rummaged from the internet helping us all to relate to our own experiences. I have since been pretty much on track with my son's schedule. When to shower, when to have breakfast, when to pump - all these are in line with his "mommy demands." Sure there are a few times that the schedules don't really align but that's the challenge!

Motherhood, I love it!

And people say that when you get married you will see that there's going to be a HUGE change in something as marriages bring you a whole load of rezeki. They also say that when you have kids the same thing will happen and you will be given a new load of rezeki. Aizil has brought with him so many blessings but I'll save that for later ;)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Muhammad Aizil Adam Al-Kashfy

Assalammualaikum world!

Alas! Baby Aizil has arrived!

Date of Birth: 26 July 2014
Time of Birth: 11.21pm
Height: 53cm
Weight: 3.03kg

Alhamdulillah, what a beautiful gift, this son of ours. I simply can't get enough of him! Am I going to be one of those parents who are simply obsessed and be all snaps and chats about their baby on Instagram? Yes, yes, quite frankly I do think so. I just want to show him off coz I am just so terribly happy to have him! Oh, Allah, thank you so much for this precious gift!

Well my birth story isn't similar to most of my mommy friends. Long story short - 2 days and 16 hours of labour isn't going to cut it as the best of experiences. I ended up having to go under the knife for a c-section. Can't say I wasn't scared coz boy oh boy was I shaking! But when the nurse said, "Sikit lagi ni" and when I heard that first cry I thought, "That's my son!"

The first skin to skin we had was beautiful. Too beautiful to express. And he smelt soooo nice.

I am enjoying every bit of this. Aizil is 11 days old now but he already looks as if he's a month old or something. Always attentive and observant of his surroundings. He doesn't cry so much except during his showers, nappy changes and when he wants to feed but other than that he is just divine!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Empty Voids

Salam all!

I have left for too long, haven't I? Well a lot has happened in my life as late and since the last post I suppose and now I am ready to set my virtual foot prints again!

I got wed in March last year and I am 35 weeks pregnant now. Yikes! 5 more weeks and counting. I pray that everything will go smoothly, insha Allah. I am keeping my mind positive and my body ready. Do what Jim Carrey does - keep a vision of what you want to happen in your head and it will happen. Giving it a try. A lot of people are saying things like, "Once your contraction starts there's no way you're going to remember what you learnt in antenatal class or what you were taught to do by other moms!" but I digress! I  will make this happen and it will be with Allah's help that things go well. After all, that's what prayers are for innit?

I just can't wait to see baby and hold him in my arms. Smell him, kiss him, cuddle with him. OOoooh I can already imagine all the great moments we are going to share together. Precious little thing of mine. You will be that one beacon that's going to give me my mojo back coz frankly, I have quite lost it!

More posts soon!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I have had this on my office wall for over a year now.

Looking back where I started, I can't say thank you enough for the blessing that I have been given. I don't think there's much to say except that hard work really does pay off. I had people doubting me, questioning me and hating on me. I got this position when I was 25 years old. Too young, they say. But I'm 27 now, I've grown wiser, met with a lot of people. 

Some say how courageous I am to have taken this position. How overwhelming the stress must be. I struggle to get up everyday, I struggle to keep my temperament to myself and just ask for the strength to keep going. To tell you the truth, I get scared whenever I make a decision. I'm always scared if my decision will be the wrong one and I might get me kicked off and without a job at the end of the day. But life without risks is not worth enjoying.

What did I do this day a year ago that made me proud? 

All I can say is many. I can't be anymore happy.

This year, my life is going to change yet again. Bismillah :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Coming to an End.

Dear diary, what a year it's been. So many trials and tribulations, some are quite harsh, some mind-boggling but all in all, everything that has happened this year has lifted me up to another level be it spiritually, mentally or physically. 

It's funny how people take you for granted sometimes right? 

But anyway, STILLCARVINGS has yet again moved forward and we are constantly trying to look for that area where we can improve ourselves. I have made friends with a lot of other jewelry sellers and learning from them. I like it when we are able to provide a variety of choices to our customers. Nothing crinkles my forehead more than seeing those who are only doing it for the extra pocket money. Sure, that's fine too, but wouldn't the market grow bigger if we are able to see what has not been done and do it? 

"Be the change you want to see in this world," and I think that applies to the business world too. This year I met with a lot of business people who told me to exploit the market every time I see the chance to. And I agree with them. 

They are foreigners and this is how they think: look at the market, when there's a chance for them to exploit any opening they will pursue that chance. This is usually done by being the unique provider of someting that has not been done by others.

How Bruneian businesses think: look at the market, "Hey, this seller sells this thing and has a lot of customers. I must follow!" and they sell the same things. Sometimes much cheaper than the person who started first, making it look as if no effort was put in it at all. 

Such a harsh reality. But this is how businesses run in Brunei. I would like to see more people sell and make more things so then we can all be lucrative. Be that unique niche. And make friends with other sellers, not to exploit them or have ulterior motives, but so that we can all work hand in hand to create a healthy competition with one another. That would be sweet. 

Ah yes, this was taken when we participated in the CAS Charity Sale in Kiulap. To this day I am still so proud of this. Not only because we were able to donate, but knowing that people value the things that we make from scratch into something makes it even more worthwhile. If I didn't have another job I'd definitely be able to make more bags. Well soon enough I'll be adding more Bucket Bags to the list ;)

MOOD BEADS! I have loved mood rings and mood charms since forever. So lucky to be able to sell the Tribal Mood Beads and they sell like hot cakes! Oh, I love my customers <3 And I especially like it when I get tagged on the pictures of them wearing my things on their arms. I feel so cherished and honoured.

So what else is there to expect for the rest of 2012?

More Dreamcatchers. In different styles.

And some other random creations that will not be a STILLCARVINGS staple.

AND THEN I'll be on a long hiatus.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The new 'uns

Hi everyone!
Got some announcement to make. We have new bracelets on our stands! They are pretty sweet if you ask me, I've snagged a few for my own wrists. I particularly like the Dystopia Bracelet. It is a mix of traditional elegance with grunge - hence the name. I've made it with elastics and can fit up to 7" wrists. Gems mix may vary so if you are interested you may want to email me so I can send you individual pictures. So sorry, November's kind of a busy month for me but I'm slowly making new Dreamcatcher Bracelets that will be out in December so stay put!

Rainbow Hemp strings weaved in a macrame pattern, with rhinestones and pewter charms. 
WISDOM, FAITH, HOPE and STRENGTH are amongst the charms that are attached to these bracelets. Others are of birds. You may email me at to order and also to have a closer look at the bird charms. These are perfect as presents. 

Dystopia Bracelet made with howlite skulls and mixed gems. This version is limited in quantity and uses imported pewter beads. Email me if you need to know more or would like to get some.

Another version of the Dystopia Bracelet. This one uses plastic gold beads, howlite skulls and mixed gems. Email me if you need to know more or would like to get some.

So there you go, new bracelets by stillcarvings. Hope to hear from you all very soon! xx

P/S Sorry, didn't mean to sound in a rush but I am just that busy hehe. Trying to steal desk time to do this. 

P/P/S 10% from the sale of these bracelets will go to Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al Hajah Maryam, Brunei. Shop for a good cause ;)