Monday, November 5, 2012

The new 'uns

Hi everyone!
Got some announcement to make. We have new bracelets on our stands! They are pretty sweet if you ask me, I've snagged a few for my own wrists. I particularly like the Dystopia Bracelet. It is a mix of traditional elegance with grunge - hence the name. I've made it with elastics and can fit up to 7" wrists. Gems mix may vary so if you are interested you may want to email me so I can send you individual pictures. So sorry, November's kind of a busy month for me but I'm slowly making new Dreamcatcher Bracelets that will be out in December so stay put!

Rainbow Hemp strings weaved in a macrame pattern, with rhinestones and pewter charms. 
WISDOM, FAITH, HOPE and STRENGTH are amongst the charms that are attached to these bracelets. Others are of birds. You may email me at to order and also to have a closer look at the bird charms. These are perfect as presents. 

Dystopia Bracelet made with howlite skulls and mixed gems. This version is limited in quantity and uses imported pewter beads. Email me if you need to know more or would like to get some.

Another version of the Dystopia Bracelet. This one uses plastic gold beads, howlite skulls and mixed gems. Email me if you need to know more or would like to get some.

So there you go, new bracelets by stillcarvings. Hope to hear from you all very soon! xx

P/S Sorry, didn't mean to sound in a rush but I am just that busy hehe. Trying to steal desk time to do this. 

P/P/S 10% from the sale of these bracelets will go to Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al Hajah Maryam, Brunei. Shop for a good cause ;)

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