Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Coming to an End.

Dear diary, what a year it's been. So many trials and tribulations, some are quite harsh, some mind-boggling but all in all, everything that has happened this year has lifted me up to another level be it spiritually, mentally or physically. 

It's funny how people take you for granted sometimes right? 

But anyway, STILLCARVINGS has yet again moved forward and we are constantly trying to look for that area where we can improve ourselves. I have made friends with a lot of other jewelry sellers and learning from them. I like it when we are able to provide a variety of choices to our customers. Nothing crinkles my forehead more than seeing those who are only doing it for the extra pocket money. Sure, that's fine too, but wouldn't the market grow bigger if we are able to see what has not been done and do it? 

"Be the change you want to see in this world," and I think that applies to the business world too. This year I met with a lot of business people who told me to exploit the market every time I see the chance to. And I agree with them. 

They are foreigners and this is how they think: look at the market, when there's a chance for them to exploit any opening they will pursue that chance. This is usually done by being the unique provider of someting that has not been done by others.

How Bruneian businesses think: look at the market, "Hey, this seller sells this thing and has a lot of customers. I must follow!" and they sell the same things. Sometimes much cheaper than the person who started first, making it look as if no effort was put in it at all. 

Such a harsh reality. But this is how businesses run in Brunei. I would like to see more people sell and make more things so then we can all be lucrative. Be that unique niche. And make friends with other sellers, not to exploit them or have ulterior motives, but so that we can all work hand in hand to create a healthy competition with one another. That would be sweet. 

Ah yes, this was taken when we participated in the CAS Charity Sale in Kiulap. To this day I am still so proud of this. Not only because we were able to donate, but knowing that people value the things that we make from scratch into something makes it even more worthwhile. If I didn't have another job I'd definitely be able to make more bags. Well soon enough I'll be adding more Bucket Bags to the list ;)

MOOD BEADS! I have loved mood rings and mood charms since forever. So lucky to be able to sell the Tribal Mood Beads and they sell like hot cakes! Oh, I love my customers <3 And I especially like it when I get tagged on the pictures of them wearing my things on their arms. I feel so cherished and honoured.

So what else is there to expect for the rest of 2012?

More Dreamcatchers. In different styles.

And some other random creations that will not be a STILLCARVINGS staple.

AND THEN I'll be on a long hiatus.

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