Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Get Close to Inspirational People


Whether I like it or not I am simply always ALWAYS prone to getting sick or experiencing pains on my body parts. Today is my third day at the office after being away from my work desk for 5 days (weekend included). FEVER SEASON! Coz all the local fruits are out (as the superstition goes, idk) BUT oh boy, am I glad that I get to be at home all those days ago.

I am prepping for another charity sale and this time it involves the things that I hold dearly close to my heart: ART and CATS. Kitty cats! Meowers!


So anyhow, I think I speak for all makers slash sellers out there who struggle to get things done (and to get things done right) for our customers. I know a number of dedicated makers (referring to bracelets, cakes, clothes, bags, crochets, etc.) out there who shed their blood to get orders done. It is never easy especially when, like me, we have to wake up and stop thinking about our passions to get to the office and get another thing over and done with before we can run quickly home and start over again. 

Having to go through this can sometimes become very demotivating. I can't count how many times I've told myself I'm gonna quit making all these lovely things out of fatigue. But the end result is always uplifting, especially when people appreciate what you do. Not everyone value things made by hand as they would associate it with dodgy and low-class but hey, in this modern world, DIY-ed things have upped their ante and more and more people want to get their hands on these things.

So whenever I get tired of looking at strings or when I become frustrated after having broken my sewing machine (as have happened last two weeks), I try to do things that can help me keep myself going again. Besides watching FRIENDS (harhar), trying to catch a tempo, driving and talking to people, I like getting myself acquainted to those who inspire me. I do this mostly by reading. Sometimes random blogs or indie magazines (like the above on my ipad) but mostly of people who had to start from the bottom to be on top. LOVE IT! There are just so many people who can inspire you to keep going and I find that keeping a close read of their lives very inspirational. 

Anyway, I am quite glad that a number of those who have inspired me in my tiny business are going to be at the charity sale! Excuse my shyness if I suddenly become talkative or uneasy or try to get away quickly but that happens when I'm surrounded by people I look up to. OOOhhh very excited to be basking in the aura of lovers of things that are made with love.

Just a little advertising though: The STILLCARVINGS table will be filled with lovely things too! Everything on sale will be handmade, no cheats! So if you are a lover of good value and craft, and of cats mind you, do drop by and show us your love. You don't need to necessarily buy (although that would help cover fuel haha) but just drop by when you can for a quick picture or a hug =)

4 November 2012
Rainforest Gallery, Kiulap (above Vincci shoe store)
10am to 5pm

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