Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How Best to Cope with Stress

Assalammualaikum lovelies,

STRESS. It's something that we go through every day. It is no stranger to us, especially at work and school - probably worst when you have to do both at one time. It's something that seems to have no means to an end. But then again in order to be happy we have to be able to cope with stress, as opposed to whine and not doing anything about it. I would like to share with you the things that I do to cope with MY own stress. I think it is already safe to share with everyone that my day job as a General Manager requires me to do thousands of things in a span of 8 hours and as time complies with common sense, I don't usually have the energy though the pressure would still be on even until after I come back form work. 

Let's do the math;

1000 job orders x 8 hours at the office / 24 hours in a day = finishing about 300 job orders at one given hour. 

Whether the math is wrong or right, the common sense is that no matter how many things I try to do at one given hour at a time, I still do not have time to finish doing everything in a day! This, and stress, then come in hand in hand with broad smiles on their non-faces. So how do I cope?

1. My hobbies. I have loads! And the rate at how many I do in a day depends on what I want to do during that day. I usually just read a book, surf on my ipad, watch TV, dance, draw and write.

2. Get involved in my passions. Of making, of creating, of watching and of listening. These would require me to sit and evaluate things. I like it when my brain works intensely. I like the high it gives me.

3. Exercise. It's a great substitute to chocolate (although chocs help too!) and the more intense my intervals are for that day, the better I feel. This includes yoga. Yoga is the best thing man has ever invented before. And the fact that it co-relates to your spirituality makes it even more meaningful whilst you're trying to cope with stress. True story. When you do yoga, blood flows to the areas that need attention and as you breathe out and rise back up, you will feel a lot LOT better. Yoga moves can be similar to when you perform your prayer.

4. Pray. As stated in #3. Read up about the scientific relation of the movements you do during prayer and when you do yoga. You can choose between the two but only one can be done while also gaining deeds and the mercy of Allah.

5. Learning the Quran. BEST stres reliever of all!!! Hands down. The good thing is during this time of technologically advanced days, we can download the Quran and its translation to our phones and tablets so you can still read even when you're menstruating. I like reading the translations and learning about the different surahs. But the thing I like best about this would be reading about the struggles of those before us. When you read the Quran you will definitely realise that the struggles you go through are the same as theirs were but mind you, during the jahiliah times people would treat you worst then how they would treat you now (especially with the abundance of knowledge and education). I always feel a lot better after learning and reading the translations. My favourite Surah at the moment is Surah Maryam. Read it and you'll get to see why :)

Well there are so many things that you can do in order to cope with stress. Your mind, body and soul depends solely on how you bring yourself about. The Creator will not bring you through anything in this world if He knows you wouldn't be able to cope with it. So remember that with every hardship that you are struggling with right now, the worst it feels the stronger a person you actually are. Hope you realise that you are actually much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Push yourself to the limit of insanity if you have to. Worse comes to worst, you'll cry or throw a fit, but always remember that in the remembrance of Allah will you find ease. So connect yourself to the Lord every day. Give #3 and #4 the benefit of day and you'll get hooked!

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