Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This is a long one

Good Day!

I think this is going to be somewhat a silly post coming from me but alas, I need to let this out to the world else I burst into a spot of bother for everyone coming to me with their hands full of fruits (fruits of their labour, or real fruit baskets). Wouldn't that be just so annoying though? Coming to somebody with good news and then be stomped so hard with lack of support that just makes you feel so freaking useless. Like, what in the world do you want?

Woah, some serious issues with emotions today, matey!

So yesterday my sister and I went to see Katy Perry's 3D Concert in the movies yeah and we were like, "Yeayyy!! *clap*clap*" one minute and "boohooo *cry*cry*" the minute after. Mind you, this happens to us everytime we go and catch these kinds of "inspirational" screenings but who can blame us? Michael Jackson, Glee, Justin Bieber and now Katy Perry. They all talk about their journeys towards stardom and success. Now, don't get us wrong, stardom is far from what we want in life. It's the other thing that we crave to have within our grasps. SUCCESS. Yeap, everyone wants to be successful in all that they endeavor in this life but not everyone can get their dreams fulfilled. Why?

Because the way we handle our struggles differ.

In all seriousness, and not to discourage anyone or anything like that, not everyone is strong enough to handle beatings before they can finally say, "I am so sick of all this! I will brush all this stupid shizz off of my shoulders, stand tall on my two sturdy feet, and be jolly merry with what I have worked hard for! *cue evil satisfied laugh*" because a lot of us choose to go to that direction that gives you easy access to money, food, material things and I don't know what else. I'm serious yeah, not everyone can handle failure. Some choose to just lie down and let other people help them - and I have known people in my life who resort to this *tsk*. I don't understand why it's so easy for them to think that they can just live an easy life by being nobody and from being nobody suddenly becomes somebody but out of other peoples' wealth. Petty, I tell you. Nothing I hate more than seeing others suffer just to fulfill another person's greed. You can say that I'm bitter, yes. Perhaps I am but all for a good reason. Because I can't stand petty people with big egos. They should be banished or sent to a place where they get beat to work.

I have been through all kinds of failures and through all those times, whenever I feel like quitting, I play in my head what kind of life do I want to live as I get older and who is going to support me? If all else fails right I only have myself to blame because I am the only person who solely has control of my own life. It's impossible to get people to support me because they have THEIR own lives to support. Our co-existence in this world depend on how well we carry ourselves and how far we are willing to go in order to grab that chance to a good life. You do not need to be ashamed of your failures. You don't have to come crying to me either because your struggle is not mine to live. I have my own problems. I can only give you vocal support and that's about it. The rest is up to you. If you decide to wallow then so be it, you'll be that way forever.

The point is this: "Don't give up." The second point is: "Work hard!" Doesn't matter how long it takes you to get to point B from A, you shouldn't give up. I have wasted a lot of my years just so that I can be happy with the fruit of my loom and right now I don't feel the slightest bit of regret doing what I love doing because the reward is very yummy indeed! Plus, life has just begun for me. There are still loads for me to do and adjust to make things better and I aint giving up just yet.

OK I have now forgotten why I mentioned Michael Jackson, Glee, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. But the point is when you watch their movies/music documentaries, you will see how these people work their asses off in order for them to achieve what they have always wanted. Sure, I know people are going to protest because we mustn't idolize these people, I am not idolizing but I am simply reaching out to everyone to tell you that though you may think people who are successful must have it easy for the rest of their lives, you cannot be more wrong. Because people put up with a lot of hardship and difficulties before they can really enjoy their earnings. Those who struggle the most will be the most happiest because they stand up after every fall.

And most of all, these are those who don't come crying to other people after every silly failure.

And they are not those who come running to you in joy after every silly "almost" success they get either.

Check yourself first before you stride in pride, will you? And don't give up to become that person whom you have always wanted to be. I refuse to appreciate those who come to me for advice only to find out that they have done something only half-heartedly. Your destiny is yours to fulfill, not anybody else.  And along the way, being nice, treating nice and talking nice about people wont hurt your ego. Don't be amongst those who are at lost. That will be the biggest downfall for yourself.

Like I always tell my staff at work, "Betulkan niat sebelum mengerjakan sesuatu perkara." All else will fall in place.

Have a great week ahead! Bismillah.

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