Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday Chatter

Assalammualaikum all,
How's it going on the other side of the screen?

Just want to share something from Mufti Menk that really hits the spot today. Something that happens on a daily basis. Sometimes I wish people could just subscribe and read by themselves. It's so hard to be at par with somebody when the other is all, "Eseh, alim eh" when we try to say something to them that might bring them good. For sure that's intended to shut the person giving advice but if that was me I wouldn't feel nice snapping at someone like that. Well, to me people who cannot accept defeat (advice) from others are just plain cowards and are in denial of their state of being. Mind you, sometimes even adults would feel "offended" when we try to advice them albeit in a very soft and loving way. Too much ego maybe?

And don't get me started on those who complain to no end and then with just a bit of advice they'll start screaming at you and be like, "You don't know me. Try living my life for a second and you'll see!" but don't you remember that with the remembrance of Allah will your heart find ease? Surely you will stop complaining and accept what good people have to say in order to improve yourself to become a much calmer person? I don't get some people.

Please, I have a life that I want to live on my own time and space. I don't need any negative blob to just boink down on me expecting me to pick it up and wallow in pain with it. If I do that, what's left for me to be happy, or how can I be happy at all? Sorry, you have your own deen and iman to take care of as I mine. I only can pray for the best for you and I hope that you will be open enough to accept His hidayah. Amin.

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