Thursday, March 1, 2012


Fo' shizz, I am feeling the urge to sew right now. It's so addictive. I really AM an old lady haha. Anyway, made these for my nieces:

There's another bib that I made which looks very vintage with a fabric flower embellishment but silly me I've forgotten to take a picture.

Ah, sewing machine, needle and thread. Sometimes you give me so much happiness that I feel like I have to put you as my comrades but I have weekends that need tending to (and boy, would I look real silly holding hands with you as I stagger towards the cinema, restaurants and shops). I have a life! An actual one. So I am going to put you aside and get back to you during weekdays. Is that alright?

Gee, seems like "communicating" with inanimate objects has gotten to my head. Loco.

BEE TEE DOUBEYEW (that's by the way, by the way) The Hex Bracelets are now selling for $3. Why you waiting so long to buy hmmmmm????

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