Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Still Hex Bracelet!

Bracelet enthusiasts take heed! Yes, I mentioned this on Facebook before National Day and as promised here it is! The Still Hex Bracelet, brought to you by Still Carvings. LOL has the name stuck on yous yet? I'm trying as hard as I can to turn this into somewhat of a label. InsyAllah in a few years I'll get it fulfilled. Just have to push my arse harder. Seems impossible now that I have work but insyAllah, rain will fall and I shall wake up after the storm with a little shop on my shoulders haha!

Come hither, personally made these bracelets with me own two hands and a few fingers. Got inspired by Craft Gawker and thought, why not?

You like?

The picture does look a little shabby as compared to the one that I'm wearing above but it looks great on wrists I tell you! I made them with vinyl and hex nuts from the hardware store. Now, isn't that just ridiculously suave? And I'm only gonna be making 5 of these so you do the math. 2 couples and one lonesome but awesome hipster perhaps? Yes? Or 5 real bestfriends who want to outshine everyone else? Or one person wearing ALL 5! Now that would be something I would do myself =)

You know the drill, babies! Interested, inbox me on Facebook or text, whatsapp, email. Whatever means possible, all welcome to get on the cool bandwagon!


  1. Replies
    1. Lawa kaaan~~ Y U no want then? hehehe

  2. Salam,i wud love to get my hands on those bracelet.but do u do delivery to BSB?where is the meeting point?

    1. Waalaikumsalam dear. Yes, I can deliver to BSB but only when I have plans going there. I'm going this weekend though - Sunday. Can we meet at The Mall?

  3. Yes insyallah we can.tapi can you give me your phone number?so that we can arrange at what time we should meet.sebab i have wedding invitation at noon and tahlil at 330pm.can you please drop me your phone number at my email :-)

  4. Asalamualaikum Nisa Halim. Those bracelets caught my attention. Can you email me the price for one bracelets. & can I choose different colors for the strings? :) You can email me at ( Hope to hear from you soon. Thankyou :)