Friday, February 24, 2012

About the "About-To-Be-Wed"

Hola chickas!

Hope everyone's been having a blessed and blissful Friday so far. Me, on the other hand, am sifting through things slowly because face it, Fridays are always good to be doing nothing when doing everything. In straight thinking term that would mean "pretending to do a lot of things when really you're not because your head's on the weekend already."

Anyhoo, my bestfriend got hitched earlier this month and my mom was as much involved in the preparation as I was. I think I have never mentioned this before (kept forgetting, sorry!) but my mom arranges "Hantaran" or "Gangsa" for weddings and engagements. It started as a hobby coz she's very passionate about things wedding-y and then it became a business slowly so in order to help my two friends and also my mom, I brought them together et voila! Magic!

Her philosophy is always simple and elegant. The styles always change but the concept is still always there. We kind of enjoy looking at her doing it because she would always be so tranquil and at ease - so you can tell how much into this she is as much as people who arranges these things for a living. For Danny and Enoy, I personally sent the things to their houses but surely we can make an arrangement when you require our service :)

So yes, anyone who is getting married and would like for my mom to help them with their hantarans, please get in touch with us and we'll make an arrangement together.

Oh don't you just looove Enoy's fiery pumps? HOT!

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