Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's just one of those days


When you don't realise that you've made a rookie mistake of wearing pattern with another pattern. And you wore that outfit to a contract signing thing where pictures were being taken of you.

Oh mondieu!

That was me yesterday! And how gaspfull was the discovery when it was already too late to correct. Anyway, this only tells me that no matter how safe I try to be I will always, once in a while, revert back to not caring although the day calls for being smart, professional and at par to where I'm at.

Got a few bracelets being made right now. Been falling back on my sideline things because things at work have been very hectic. Not so much hectic as blah but this is work, man, and I keep telling myself to chin up though at times it's like - impossible. But then again I always look forward to the next day very excited to know what it has brought me. So far, there has been many eye-opening things but that is work for you my friend.

Work and Life. You are awesome :)

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