Friday, February 17, 2012

And I was right!

I feel a lot better today!

Nothing plenty of rest and drinking lots of water couldn't do. AND I also made a vegan dish for my lunch and dinner out of silken tofu, broccolis, carrots, half a capsicum, mushrooms and a dash of V8 Tomato Juice.

Woke up today feeling like I've just been sweating out a one hour aerobics class AND had a refreshing shower.

Well here is to hoping that my day will be productive and full of non-stressful things and queries.

Thank you, Allah.

p/s. found picture from my photo archive. I think it was from our BBQ last year AND I honestly was thinner. OOO woe is me. Not to feel too crappy though, I've built resistance and I'll be back (hahaha seriously why do I always like to kid myself).

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