Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quote of the Day

Taken from Mufti Ismail Menk.

Siding with those who are wrong in a dispute just because they are more closely related to us, friends, business partners, countrymen or known to us more than the one who is correct is a grave sin that comes back to haunt us some day. A considerable number of people would side with their family members in a dispute when they know very well that they are totally wrong. The same applies to friends, business partners and acquaintances. This is blatant oppression. A true believer will even side with a stranger when he is correct against those who are nearer in relation or acquaintance. If we oppress in this manner a day will come when in a much more important issue, we may be let down by those who have lied simply to please "their" kith & kin. Imagine a world where justice depends on whether you are connected to the witnesses in one way or another or not. Sadly in some homes where daughters in law are considered outsiders, they too are treated in this way. It is also noticed that some people are ready to side with the influential and the rich and famous rather than the middle or lower categories of society thinking that they may lose their standing with them or a deal or two. This results in the disintegration of society and the spreading of disunity and chaos. What goodness is there in such a "standing" or "deal" with oppressors? Always side with those who are correct even if it be against those closest to you in relation. Refer Qur'aan 4:135
So common amongst us. We think that we are defending family, brotherhood, sisterly bonds or what have you but this act of "loyalty" alone is wrong and indeed a sin. Astaghfirullah. This is first a reminder to myself. May Allah forgive me, and all of us, for all the sides that we've wrongly chosen.

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