Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today's Inspiration

Allah is the greatest!

Thought I'd share this with everyone today. Wallahi, the most eye opening one I've listened to yet. It is prove that words from the Quran are words of truth and our lives are ruled by it. But we choose to ignore the truth. We choose to live in denial because we love Dunya more than Akhirah - yet are scared of death and wants to avoid punishment of hell fire. MasyAllah, imagine if the gap between our love for Allah and love for material things are lightyears away. Imagine how closer to paradise we will become if we follow the ways of the Quran and the ways of the Sunnah.

In this khutbah, Mufti Ismail Menk mentions of the way most of us spend our money. It is a widely known fact that most of us choose to spend more than we can afford. Most of us don't mind spending for things with the money that we don't have but we suffer the repercussions greatly and then it will be too late for second thoughts or regrets. He mentions, "When you discipline yourself in spending, Allah becomes happy with you." MasyAllah, who knew spending is daawah? But alhamdulillah, I have taught myself to spend on what I can afford only and that is the very reason why I refuse to apply for a credit card.

I had a great run listening to this one. Such a great way to start my day. And isn't it just amazing when the things that we've seen, the things that we think are wrong but can't say, and the things that are so obviously wrong but people are doing them anyway, are also being shared by these great people? I can't say how thankful I am to be given another day to live and to be able to listen to these kind of things. I, for one, like to be reminded about my wrongs and I am securely comfortable to perform my prayers to Allah eventhough I sin every single day of my living. Allah is merciful. This is the most beautiful religion anyone can ever be born into.

And just two nights ago I had a meet up with an old friend and we began talking about how some people say, "Why do something if you're not ikhlas/sincere?" especially when it comes to performing our prayers. And then the resolve is that it is NOT whether you are ikhlas or not. You just do it. Because if you're ikhlas, you get pahala, you gain a deed. On the other hand, if you're not ikhlas, you gain nothing BUT you don't gain a sin as well. How awesome is that? It goes two ways you know, you do it you get pahala, you don't do it you don't get pahala but there's no dosa in not doing it as well. Beautiful.

So how? Are we all going to start now despite how heavy are hearts are? My advice is to start slowly. When you get into the habit, you get used to doing it, then you'll realise how much more you'd like to learn about it. InsyAllah. May Allah open our eyes and ignite our hearts. May we be given the strength to succumb to the pressure of the material world and fear of looking like a fool. We just have to put our hearts into it. Just like memorising for our tests - we might not like that subject but we don't want to fail either so what do we do? We do it anyway and in the end we ace it!

Have a great day everyone :D

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