Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hebah Ahmed

I speak true to myself when I say that I have a feminist side that always wants fair share and equality between men and women. I do believe that ladies are just as apt at everything as the gents are. But somehow the Bruneian culture, and of course everywhere else for that matter, states otherwise. A bit unfair isn't it?

I was just reading Hebah Ahmed's essay for her contribution for the book "I Speak for Myself" and thought wow this is something that I myself feel strongly about and I'm from a different generation altogether. The fact that we think alike says a lot about the way we were brought, how we bring ourself out there and what our principles are.

Islam is a very simple religion and it doesn't tell us to do much but somehow we find a way to complicate things because we mix too much with culture and a mix of cultures. My opinion is that it is alright to do things based on culture and beliefs that we were born into but when it clashes with religion, that's when minds start to disagree and people bicker over the smallest of things. There are so many superstitions out there and some mistake this for religion too! One way to help with this is by reading broadly and listening or watching a broad range of talks and preaches by sought-after people. Since doing this my perspective of Islam has widened and I thank Allah for guiding me through, for opening my heart and making me, now, to easily accept this beautiful faith.

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