Monday, February 13, 2012


Isn't it just lovely coming back from a really great weekend?

First of all, I would like to wish my bestfriend, Mohammad Asyraf Danial, a hearty congratulations for tying the knot with his lovely wife, Enoy. Nothing is better than seeing two very lovely people get wedded together. May Allah SWT bless you with abundance of rizq and a lifetime of happiness. I can confirm that these two people are the loveliest and warmest people I've ever met and I will not be surprised if life turns out better than they expected now that they've been joined in matrimony.

For the entire week also, my trust in my friends was tested greatly. It feels great knowing that you have friends that have your back and are willing to help you whenever they're needed. Thanks to those who came with me to send Danny and Enoy's wedding gangsa's and who kept me company while driving 60km/hr in the heavy rain, talking and laughing as if it was just yesterday that we turned 16. Of course the reality is that we are not 16 anymore but I feel that with true friendship, we can act however we like around each other yet still be mature when it comes to decision making and helping out.

On the other hand, I was faced with the realisation that some people whom I thought of as good friends turned out to be, well, not good friends after all. I can't believe what I had to be faced with and it surprised me how such situation was handled in such a childish and immature manner. Astaghfirullah. Seriously can't believe my eyes and my ears when I was tried to be manipulated. Words were twisted and turned in a way that would eventually convince me to do something that was against the law of nature. It was, frankly, a bit insulting to my intelligence and I was so angry at the thought that they tried to make me give in and do as they wish. Please, I have principles and it is based on my beliefs in my religion and what was taught to me by my parents. It is also the norm of human. Ethics is the word and that was the one thing that they tried to push me against.

Astaghfirullah. I seriously need to rethink about the people I'm friends with. I do not tolerate things that can tarnish my reputation as my parents' daughter especially, and my position in an organisation mainly. If I had to lose these friends so be it, as much as I like their company, but they have tried poisoning me. There are more people out there who can steer me towards jannah and be the best examples to follow. InsyAllah.

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