Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A stillcarvings Exclusive

Hello my lovelies!

The stillcarvings exclusive is yet again on display! Thank you ever so much to those who has gone the extra mile to get our first release of the Dreamcatcher Bracelets. 

Yes, if you realise, the bracelets are made big enough so that they can double as anklets as well so those who got them are extra lucky!

Aaandd it is already the 17th of July so stillcarvings is officially on a break! Of course I am still waiting for more pictures of people wearing the Dreamcatchers because it is the love but as for now I ain't takin nemore orders and/or requests. I is tired and re-opening in September leaves me plenty of time to recover, rest and most importantly concentrate on Ramadhan, insyAllah.

Anyhoo, thanks again and may the fasting month bring you a lot of rizq and energy to abstain from food and all the other things that make you human. May Allah bless you all with His mighty grace. Amin.

p/s You may have realised that I have been using stillcarvings which previously was Still Carvings. Reason being that I have registered and was adviced to "stillcarvings" it rather than Still Carvings (which I prefer actually, seeing how cool that actually is) by the Ministry of Finance. So yeay to the cool government and yeay to STILLCARVINGS! 

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