Thursday, July 12, 2012


Received our Dragonflies today. 

I love them to bits :)

AND also thank you ever so much to those who went the extra mile of scouring through time to get the Dreamcatcher Bracelets. I have sent them out to be delivered today and some I have personally delivered. Biggest gratitude to those who has neverending-ly supported STILLCARVINGS. You are all so lovely. 

So, in light of that. I am very much expecting for pictures of your wrists/ankles wearing them Dreamcatchers. You hear? Thank you =)

Get ready for September!

P/s. In the picture my sister and I are both wearing STILLCARVINGS creations - Shine and Weave&Chain. 

LOL! Just realised that freckles and unhidden arm mane are quite obvious. Oh, iphone, you boggle my mind so.

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