Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ramadan Kareem!

Assalammualaikum lovelies, 
How's your Ramadan so far?

Alhamdulillah, if you're reading this you have been given another opportunity to experience the spark of life and the light of the holy month. Nothing feels better than being able to wake up for sahur, pray fajr and breathing, just breathing and taking it all in that Allah has given us this day to experience yet another gift from Him.

Brunei is still mourning for the lives of those who left us just before the first of Ramadan in the helicopter crash in Rampayoh, Labi. Even now when I think about it my heart gets wrenched into the most grievous of state. Many families lost their loved ones. Children lost their parents. Wives lost their husbands. Siblings lost brothers and sisters. And parents lost their children. What's more devastating is knowing some of these people be it mutually or closely. 

If you watched the video before reading this, I hope you stopped for a while to think about how death can take us away from this life with the blink of an eye. It is inevitable. You cannot escape it. You have no choice. We all will die some time in life and we don't know when. Yet some of us choose to be oblivious and think that we are invincible. We are not. 

I don't really care if you are a seasonal muslim or not, but I hope that the recent happening has given you the realisation that nothing is permanent. Only Allah is. He giveth and he taketh. Some of us, sometimes, are just so caught in the worldly matters that we choose to disconnect ourselves from the Creator but what for? Are you just so arrogant that you turn away from the Lord? Are you just so cocky that you think you were the only one responsible for the wealth you have gleaned? If you read Surah Al-Kahf, there is an excerpt there about this. About how human is so immersed in greed that they think they are the ones who are responsible for their on wealth and not Allah. "It was me who worked hard enough to be this rich," some would say. What they don't realise is that it is Allah that granted you all those wealth because He has tested you during your hardship and you prevailed. Yet you forgot once your bank account flowed like water. Astaghfirullahalazim.

Believe me. I am guilty of this too. But I do hope that I can be a better Muslimah. I want to be. Especially once I'm married and have children. I want to be the best example for my children, and to remind them about how this life is temporary and that you are responsible for your own fate by being pious to Allah the Almighty. 

We forget often. Especially when our lives turn around from bad to good.

And we also forget that we cannot escape death.

However, I must say that for those soldiers whose lives were taken in the crash, alhamdulillah for the blessings. First, they passed away on a Friday. Second, they passed away while they were on duty. They have been taken in as Syahids. They served our country and now their legacy remain as sweet memories in the hearts and minds of those who were dear to them.

Remember guys, Ramadan is the month of blessing. The gates of Hell are closed and the gates of Heaven are opened. If you take this opportunity to kneel and pray to the Lord, insyAllah your wishes will be granted by Him. It does not hurt to try. What is an extra bit of effort? Take this opportunity to get closer to Allah, read His book and learn the words. Shaitans are chained up, so this is your time to race towards Allah's mercy. InsyAllah when Ramadan is over, your knowledge about your beliefs and your own self will get much better and you will be a better Muslim. InsyAllah. There is no hurt in trying. It is the regret of not trying that will hurt you in the future, when it is already too late.

Lastly, let us all take this opportunity to recite the Surah Al-Fatihah for those who left us, be it recently or a long time ago. 

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