Friday, July 27, 2012

The art of doing things with good intentions

People need to realise that when they want things to happen their way they have to bear in their hearts the purest of intentions. It mustn't be something that may hurt somebody's trust and feelings and especially not so that the pursuer may gain the most than the other. When you do something, you need to first set up the right niat. You have to think about the repercussion of what may happen if you do things with the wrong intentions. Like you intend it to be something in front of someone but in fact in your head it is for a different intention altogether. That's just wrong. 

Think about what might happen if you start doing things with the wrong intentions. I don't know what might happen but things might take a 360 degrees turn and go the wrong way. It'll be the complete opposite of how you want things to happen. Say you want to donate to a charity, but if your intention to donate is so that you may be praised by others, that is already wrong. You need to do things correctly in order for things to go your way. Correct intentions - correct niat - pure heart - Allah's blessing. In abundance. Don't you see how beautiful this is? You'll be rewarded with the best of things when you do things correctly. Sure, there will be a certain people that may say that they have been doing things with the right intentions but they have been struck by the worst of lucks of late! Well, one things for sure is that Allah will not test you with something out of your capability. If you see yourself stuck in a rut in faced with a huge predicament that hurts you all the time, first you have to think about the bad things you have done that may have angered Allah. Then, you correct the wrongs. Don't come to me crying and saying that you have not had the best of lucks with things although you have tried so many times, when I see is that you are not trying at all but just sitting there like a spoilt brat just whinging and thumping your feet on the floor. 

Not only is that NOT cool. You look immature. And also, you would not look like you have submitted to the creators test upon you. It would look like you are actually angry at Him for giving you such mishap. That is not the way.

Treat people nicely. Especially your parents, your siblings, your relatives, your neighbours, your friends and everyone else around you. Treat them how you want to be treated. Don't ever boss people around when they have been nothing but nice to you for when you have set your niat on something in the first place, but then you changed it out of greed, you will be pushed to the direction where the cliff is and it will be only about time for you to jump off and just stop existing. It wouldn't matter where you've stopped existing but the worst place to do that is in the hearts of people whom you used to know and treated wrongly. 

Positive relationships with people will be what will help you gain a lot of deeds in return. Do not deliberately hurt somebody just because you're angry at yourself. If you feel that you are a disappointment so be it. As long as you realise it and try to correct your ways so that you will rise up in the end and bigger the person most seek after and admired by others. When you treat people wrongly, no matter how great you feel about yourself or how slick you are, you will be the most petty and the smallest person. You must make people love you for who you are and not because of your fame and to begin with that isn't the best thing to chase after. Ever heard of the term loving somebody for the sake of Allah? Yes, that will be the best thing a person can be or do.

Material things, greed and impatience are not the things that will make you be favored by others. Your good intentions and the way you treat people are.

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