Monday, June 18, 2012

A little quiet time

Just a little quiet time with myself in the comfort of my room.

It's been quite an eventful long weekend. Life is definitely good. Alhamdulillah.

More bracelets coming out. I don't know how soon that'll be. Sometimes it's better to be late than sorry, hey? At least I like to think of it that way. Made a few bracelets today. Some will be sent out tomorrow and the rest Wednesday.

Oh, before I forget, the Weave&Chain Bracelets are still open for orders btw. You know how cool it is to discover that you actually have got a lot of those chains in your treasure box from when you first started and didn't know what to do with them (or you got over-ambitious but overlooked at the time you got to spare doing this thing) - and then you think oh, shucks, I ain't got no more chains to make, seems like I have to close orders - then upon that discovery, and seeing how many floss you've got left, you decide that hey, I can go completely nuts with these!!!

So yes, if you'd like to get some just email me as usual and/or FB inbox me. Those of you with my number, I am a Whatsapp away!

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