Monday, June 4, 2012



Why so melancholy?

I'm back to reality. My break is officially over *cries* Need more need more need more!

Outfit was worn last Friday whilst basking in the heat of the Sun. It is such a lush dress! Love it even more that it can double as an abaya. The bagginess of it all makes me want more of it! I am totally doing a free advertising here, but if you want the same shirt maxi you can get it HERE! And was totally going for minimalism which obviously failed coz I was excessively accessorising (when put into the "abaya"-ness context - not really when you've seen my skull bracelet - oh the confusion!)

But anyhoot, I is feeling refreshed-ish from the break. I can make do with more but I need to feed myself too. 9AM on Monday, one hour since I came to work and already I'm thinking about Israk Mi'raj holidays. Oh, mondieu. 

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