Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fierceness of Mia!

Miss Mia Suria of MiaMia StyleStudio seen wearing Still Carvings' creations - the Still Hex Bracelet, Still Carvings 'Mia Glam' taken after Mia's own robust personality and an unreleased Still Carvings Jungle Beads.

It is ALWAYS an honour to see faces strutting my creations, especially when they are as fierce as Mia!

Would also like to congratulate my darling, Mia, for the opening of her studio of style - MiaMia StyleStudio. Couldn't be happier looking at the success of someone who started from scratch. Now that's real hard work, ladies and gents. And on top of that, she is promoting modest fashion to the ladies of Brunei! How can you ever not be smitten?

Wishing Mia all the best and good luck for the future. May Allah bless you with abundance of rizq and may you be rewarded hugely for promoting modesty to others. Amin.  

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