Friday, May 11, 2012

The Weave and Chain is here!


Hello Ladies! (and interested gents)

I am so happy to announce that I have added more items into crafted candies in Still Carvings' list of lush things to wear! Just recently, I was making a bracelet for my sister and took a picture on Instagram of it and got a request for an anklet! Of course I was more than happy to scatter my things on the table and work away. I like playing with colour and making little bits of trinkets to match. Voila! After the anklet, I made a bracelet for my sister in law and the result was oh my god can I make more? I want one for myself!

Anyway, if you like what you see and would like to get one (or a fewww) for yourselves, they're up for sale for $15 for the bracelet and $17 for the anklet. I'm bringing in more charms but I can't wrap my head around which ones I'd like to get. They're ALL pretty. 

I'm taking orders if you're interested but yes, do be patient if it tends to be really slow LOL! Get me on facebook inbox, email or whatsapp me on my number. You can even leave me comments in this post. Oh, and if you'd like to get them as a present of some sort, I'll get them packed nicely ;)

And to my previous, current and coming customers, I so thank you very much for your support. There is nothing in this world that feels better than making something that you've worked real hard for and be appreciated for in return. It is all about giving and getting back in return after all.

Hope you like what you see! Order awaaaaayy~~

Anklet $17
Bracelet $15

Photos are of customers wearing their gems after delivery.

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