Monday, May 14, 2012

A Still Carvings Exclusive

This girl here flatter me too much that she deserves an exclusive spot here in this blog. Alhamdulillah, another satisfied customer. Rina, thank you so much for your endless reviews. It's customers like you that keep me going and push myself to do better and think way further outside the box (this box is as big as maybe my car and I've to fight its vigour LOL). I have a list of things to put to life to and insyAllah with this kind of support it'll give me more perseverance to carry on. God's greatest gifts come in different forms, don't they? Have a great start to the week my lovelies xx


  1. Awwhhh you're welcome babe! And thanks for this lovely post *blush* can't wait for your next collection! I can't go out my house without wearing at least one. Yes I am emotionally attached to it sudah especially the gold one. LOL keep up the good work an I hope business is blooming ;) xx