Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A little bit of love for your passionate affairs

Instax Mini

Diana F+

Hello lovelies!

It has been quite a while since I last posted anything close to creative here hasn't it? Well, that's because I have been busy weeping and wallowing in this brooding state of mind. Which I think has been very helpful in pushing me to complete these two projects in the above.

I made two "care" bags for my bestfriend, Indra, who has requested (rather demanded, LOL! kidding) me make bags for his cameras (which I think came to me as much of an advantage because we have the same cameras, we even switched flashes for our Diana F+). I suck at looking for masculine fabrics because my head is filled with flowers, or patterns that so much resonate my own taste. So what did I do then? Dug into a more masculine side of me and decided hey, I had all those unused jeans from the yesteryears why not recycle them eh? That I did!

Denim, per se, aren't the most fun to work with because they're heavy and thick and you have to serge the edges lest you let them suffer with ruffles in the future. Problem is, I don't have a serger but thankfully my machine has close to a serging pattern that I could use. But then that gave me the idea that what if I let one edge unserged? I want to create some sort of a grungy pattern to it but I want to let it happen naturally. That is why on the first bag I have left the top purposely untucked. I really would love to see it after much wear. And one very great idea is to stress the fabric to create a torn up effect. But I shall leave that to Indra because he hasn't seen them yet hehe.

The second bag took days to think about. I loved the idea of using back pockets of the jeans but I didn't want to make the same kind of bag. Pfftt please, the same bag in different colour? Hmm maybe not! So I came up with the idea of making a box-like pouch for the Diana F+ and the rest just patched themselves like a puzzle. I am loving the use of the back pocket as a connector so I sewed it near the edge to create an effect. Also, I'm leaving a hugeeee negative cum positive (you'll see why) space on the body because I would like Indra to embellish it with his badges (yes, N, this is a demand!) Seriously, I am jealous of this bag because I want it for myself!!! Imagine all the bedazzling I'll do to it hehehe but NO, this is Indra's moment and I was in awe when I imagined him priding it about.

So yes, all in the mind of a loon. I can safely say that my sewing skills have improved and I am forcing myself to follow the rules of lining straight and cutting straight. This is giving me a lot of new ideas for November and I love it!


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