Monday, August 22, 2011

Favourite Wardrobe Items: MiaMia StyleStudio Cotton Shawls

Mia Mia Cotton Shawls

With Mia
With the gorgeous Miss Mia Suria

I have had the opportunity to meet with Mia of MiaMia StyleStudio recently although our story went way back when.

It all started with me purchasing her shawls from her Facebook page HERE. Then as these purchases go the inboxes would start and it all went from there. Alhamdulillah, I have to say that I am glad to cross paths with somebody who has the same passion as I do! When I read her message I got so excited because now I am not the only person who feels strongly about sending the same message to muslim girls out there! Well I have always known of others who sells hijabs and modest attire but I've not known of those who are selling whilst also having the intention to make modesty a style and a way of life here in Brunei. It's good to know that I'm not alone in this and I'm so thankful.

Mia as a person is very very passionate and for as long as I have known her (be it near or far) I have always seen her as somebody who stands strongly for something that she believes in. So it is no surprise that she's now pushing for this and sending a message to all girls out there that you can be modest AND also stylish at the same time. Wait for what she'll have for everyone in store in October. I am very sure that she will become one of Brunei's largest household name in the Muslimah fashion world here.

And the shawls that I got from her. Oh, how very loverly~ I am always a fan of shawls that are fluffy and soft and easy to work with. I know that I'm always spotted wearing plain hijabs but one night I decided that I wanted something with patterns and that's when I saw MMSS' cotton shawls on my timeline. When I put them on, they are sooo comfortable to be in. They're soft and light and I must say you can't have too many of these cotton shawls. If I have a choice earlier, I would've bought every single colour and design! But you know, one can't be stingy and I was too slow anyway so I got my hands on these pretty babies. Now I'm content =)

To top that off, I got a plain pashmina for free! Alhamdulillah, thank you very much sister for you have made another sister's day when you told me that. I am yet to feature the striped yellow scarf I got from her. Very nice as a turban!

So ladies, if you haven't already, do add MiaMia StyleStudio on Facebook and shop away :D


  1. Ooohhh can't wait to see you style the yellow H&M shawl :D I love the red cotton shawl too! Lambat bah aku tu byk pikir :P

  2. hehe I love your tudung too yg u bali dari mace coco ah, nada pun dlm drg punya collection, i love those designs... im still waiting for the right time to wear the H&M shawl, nanti i will update hee :D