Monday, July 9, 2012

A stillcarvings Exclusive

Nothing I like better than seeing my creations on the arms of others. I think I might have a little fetish for beautifully candied arms hence why this is the awesomest display of stillcarvings collections so far (OK, I am not taking extra credit because there are bracelets that aren't mine but they go along well with each other right so I'm just gonna talk about them as if they're mine too =p)

Thank you, Miss RR *identity a little secret due to extravagant awesomeness so as to avoid from being chased on the streets - but not so secret when you're on my Facebook* for your recent purchase! Seen on her arm are the Tribal Braids (custom made for her), the Still Hex Macrame and a Weave&Chain bracelet.

I had extra fun making the bracelets because they're so colourful and very pretty! I was just staring at them after they were complete and I couldn't help but think how these are the best Tribal Braids I've made so far. Hmm, this is getting a little bit obsessive and overly exaggerated but you know you have got to admit that they are very very nice.

You have 6 days left to place your orders for any of the bracelets by stillcarvings. Til then, if you find yourself keen to get anything from me do let me know at and I will try to assist you best I can. Just to inform you that we are not producing anymore Still Hex at the moment - production will commence in September but I will not be taking anymore custom orders; WYSIWYG kind of thing. Will talk about this in another post!

Til then.


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