Monday, July 9, 2012

Great News!!!

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Hey All!
My sister and I are joining powers (LOL!) If you are familiar with her Instagram account, she has been selling those real rad dreamcatchers that usually sell for hundreds in the shops!

This time around we are selling my bracelets and her dreamcatchers. Together. Hence, we have produced the Dreamcatcher Bracelets.

The Dreamcatchers take quite some time to make and they are not easy. So we have decided to give it a test run by making five bracelets first. If there are a lot of demands for it we will be making more and more and MORE!

The bracelets will be incorporated with the STILLCARVINGS Tribal Braid to give them a more authentic Red Indian slash Native American feel. What's not to like? All I can say is that they will be colourful and eye-catching. They will definitely become your wardrobe staple!

If you're not familiar with the cultural connotation of the dreamcatcher, you may click HERE for a little bit of fun read and links to more stories about the dreamcatchers.

So how to get them?
OK. At 12noon this Wednesday, 11 July 2012, I will be releasing all five Dreamcatcher Bracelets in this blog. I will post them so that they'll have individual comment fields. So all you have to do is type BOOK under the pictures. If you're in luck you'll be the first people to get them. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for the next batch - which will be in September =)

May luck ever be in your favour! Thank you for always supporting STILLCARVINGS! Come September there will be more surprises at store for everyone!


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