Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Morning Madness

I think that in order for a person to want a new resolution for 2012, they have to start on it as early as now to make it work next year.

Imagine this:
You wish to want to start meditating more (in our words that would be "praying" more, or both, whatever your preference to peace is) and you want to start as early as 1 January 2012. Then come the first day of new year, you still haven't got that motivation because you have not kicked start that habit. Then you say, "OK, it's just the first day of 2012, I shouldn't rush," but remember when you said, "My new year's resolution is to meditate more!"? Isn't January 2012 the new year already? Who you trying to kid?

So my take on this is that in order for a person to want to start "anew" he or she has to start before the intended day or time of starting. Do you get me at all? Get the habit in slowly so that come time for when you decide to really start, you would have already gotten used to doing in and you'll be like, a pro. Now isn't that something we all want to be?

I have ended two paragraphs with questions. If you know the answers to both then your new year's resolution ought to start now.

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