Friday, December 23, 2011

Life's sours may well be the sweetest treat

When life gives you lemons, you don't stop at just making lemonade.

You can make lemon sherbet, bake lemon cakes, cook a delicious pasta sauce with the zest and bake cheese cake with the rind (although they are the same thing but look at the many things you can do with just one citrus fruit!) So with that in mind, I can never be convinced when you come to me and say, "This is just my luck. I'll have to make do with it." Sure, maybe in some circumstances, where other contingencies aren't possible to execute, you may well say that it's the end and there's no light anywhere near the tunnel. Nothingness. It's the thing that many people have sought to succumb to because they are just too damn scared to step out of the bubble of comfort and do something incredible with their predicament.

But believe it or not, you are capable of doing so many incredible things in this world and you can do it by yourself. Of course along the way you may meet with people who are at your same wavelength and those who understand where you're going and what you're in for, but surely without YOU being the starting point to get to the end, nothing short of WOW will ever happen right? You will also meet with people who discourage you and pull you down, give you a little bit of lack of self confidence but you have to see it as something that gives you the kicks to start anew and prove to yourself, especially, that this world really is your oyster and that you can do just anything that you put your heart into.

Tell me, how many people have you known who has seen failure but rise up to become the most sought after people be it at home, at work and in life? We are so used to being told what to do and what not to do that sometimes we become so scared of failure and/or be seen as somebody who has failed. Heck, I am even scared of that but believe you me, every single time I let my guards down and put my chin up, shed my tears and brush myself off of the stains from my fall, the second time I try I always do it better (although sometimes still not up to par but I get to see it for myself that I am indeed the boss of myself if I try hard enough). You are in control of your own self.

For the two weeks of my break, I have had the chance to be in two contrasting countries. I get to see the many differences these two countries pose and one of them is supposedly the most aspiring in terms of religion and politics while the other will often be called cancerous and corruptive. But what I saw while being there was that the people who live in the latter are far better behaved in terms of ethics and are more respectable to those around them. The latter contains far better successful people, better organised infrastructure and is more under control. But the latter is given the freedom to think and act on their ideas freely while the former is contrived inside what is being thought as "the best for you and your being."

Point here being if you let yourself free from any controlling medium, other than to give you advice and discuss the future with you, you will always rise up above others and be happy doing the things that you enjoy the most. It doesn't matter how many times you stumble and fall, as long as your heart is in it, you will always win it.

With that, I would like to send a huge congratulations to my companion, my best friend and my partner, for successfully completing his degree with distinction (11 distictions and high distinctions on that transcript makes you alien for the amount of play you balance with work but you're wonderful as you are so I ain't suprised). You are the very example of free-spirit and no one can do it better than you. You are an inspiration to many and I know you will keep steering us in the direction of enlightenment and success. I pray that life will make you prosper. May Allah bless you with an abundance of rizq and may all your dreams come true. Amin. You never let things get in the way of you getting towards the things that you want and with that kind of perseverance, you have revealed your true potential and you are one to look up to.

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah for making our paths cross :)

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