Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have just read an article about debt in IluvIslam that I find very useful.

What do we know about debt? Indeed we know alot about debt. It's something that we're all familiar about. Some of us avoid it, some of us don't mind it, some of us can't help be found by it. Isn't that just sad?

When I was younger and didn't know better I used to think that material possession can make you happy and that your life can go by easily with how many nice things you possess. Then when I lived overseas and struggled a lot with money, I realised then that money can't buy me happiness so I sought happiness from other places like friends, music, films and other things that don't necessarily need to involve money. The angst was hard to get by, because lets face it, we are living amongst El Diablo and he never give up to whisper things in our ears like "Don't let her get that, you have to own it," or "So what if you borrow money from your friends? Give in. Borrow. You can pay them the next time your allowance gets in."

Those were terrible times. The need to have a lot totally killed my very need to exist that I resorted to instant noodles every day which affected my health.

Now that I'm older, I'm able to think on my feet and I am a lot wiser. The relief of not having to spend more than I can afford is breathtaking. The feeling of not having to pay any debt is out of this world. I know sooner or later my needs are going to be increasing in three-folds due to commitment but I pray to Allah that I will not be so much of a spendthrift that I wont be able to pay back for my needs. Now, I am trying my best not to spend on things that I don't need. Of course the occasional few pairs of shoes can't be avoided but I have been able to stop myself from getting things that aren't necessary. Alhamdulillah, not "living the life" is actually giving me a lot of life to live and enjoy because I have no worries.

With the doa from the link above, I hope that I will be protected from the unnecessary evil of spending on things that I don't need. InsyAllah, if we put our hearts pure of jealousy and the need to have more than anybody else, we will be saved from succumbing to shaitaan's whispers. Amin. The last thing we want is to waste our youth and not being able to spend our adulthood in prosperity. Pity our children if that happens.

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