Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Wednesday in September

Oh, what a stressful Wednesday! Stayed at the office for nine hours straight coz I've got so much to do. When it's this busy, the thought of even going out for lunch is usually out of the question. This is the busiest I've been because there wasn't much that I could do during the fasting month. Now that the hours are back to normal, there are loads that I could get down and boogie with. But of course the price that comes with that is a very tardy me. Je suis fatigue! Four websites until the end of my contract. Executable ou non? Tawakkal.

(Sidenote: Today at the office I was chased by a biawak while having lunch outside of Coffeebean *_*)

But I ain't that beat up though because I have got a tutorial for this post! Yes, yes! It's the tutorial for the hijabs that I wear in the pictures below and if you see they don't look exactly the same. You will find that the tutorial is a lot more different (if you can spot it) but the key to this look is you have to create as much volume as you can with your hijab. In the first photo, I wore a thicker fabric yet the material is very fluffy so it was pretty easy to work with. The other one is a lot harder and I had to re-adjust it everytime because it was lighter and thinner but both are still manageable with the help of pins! Yes, pins, what are we without them.

So have a watch and I hope it's brief enough to follow :) BTW, chickas, what do you think about turbans? I, myself, LOVE wearing them because I don't need anything else BUT the shawls - no pins! (Unless you intend to accessorize). But turbans are a lot longer to put on so the tutes are going to be long. I'll have a think about this coz the point is to show you just simple videos. I'll keep you updated. For now, hope you enjoy this video and do tell me if you have requests! Thanks, my pretties!

Turquoise Hijab from Nisa Halim on Vimeo.


  1. I love turbans! On other people that is...don't think I can pull it thanks to my glasses :( Another great tutorial Nisa! Keep it up :D

    p/s: I guess we're both in the same boat..swamped with work. I wish I can work with my toes too

  2. You never know until you give it a try! With that in mind I'll try to make one for glasses also. My late grandmother wore turbans almost all of her life and she had glasses on so maybe I can help ;)

    I know right, I wish I could work from home. I was so agitated from the sitting but I was pretty productive so that's OK i guess hehe...

    Thanks for your neverending support babe! Really owe you! Keep sharing ;)

  3. Salaam.
    wow! thanks for putting me on your blog list :)
    this style is so lovely! what brand is your skirt by the way?

  4. Waalaikumsalam... thanks for visiting Mila, I love your style! I bought the skirt from a friend on Facebook called Scarlett White. give her a try ;) come back often yeah!