Monday, August 29, 2011

Sometimes it's nice to be reminded of something

Sometimes we tend to forget things that used to be so important to ourselves. We might have forgotten about these things due to circumstances that may have occurred that hath caused the mind to be blown and the heart to race because a lot of useful data are lost in the process.

Yes, I am talking about my laptop that has served me for five years and now I have replaced it with something else (read: better). But many thanks to it I have completed a lot of assignments and written a book of a thesis that deprived me of sleep for a year. I think I exhausted it. I know it's crazy to be so attached to a laptop but for years it's been a companion to me especially in keeping in touch with my family while I was away.

Anyway, today I was reminded by a dear friend about something that I've long forgotten about. Thanks to her right after that I went on my Delicious profile and dug back all those longs lost bookmarks from the past. If you haven't noticed already I have linked the blogs that have given me inspiration for the past years. These aren't all of them yet! I have other bookmarks that contain fashion, photography and videography links that I'll link on the side for you to explore.

And then today for iftar we finally went out together with other relatives at Indah Damai and it was a good reunion. We don't get to do this all the time but it's always good when we finally get to (especially at home when the party gets started HAAAA!!). That's me and my cousin Nana, who reckons she looks like a cat in the picture.. Mmmyeah... du du du du~

And then I joined my siblings to go to Sugarbun to get their Burger de Poissons before going to get some Cornflakes and chocolate. I be making choco cornflakes for raya this year yeaaaaaarrr!! Somebody at the office asked if I'm ready for raya this year and I was like, "Hmm.. I never thought of that." But really, am I ready for raya this year? Feeling a tad bit anxious now.

But mostly I'm not ready because I haven't done much for Ramadhan this year :( I should talk about this in the next post... If I have the guts to.

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