Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lazy Lazy Day (Ode to Lazy Pants)

Everybody's in Raya mood already! People were absent, some went back early, others just grouped each other not doing work, the person sitting next to me and myself were talking to each other (whilst admitting we were too lazy) AND a colleague visited my desk and talked about tudungs. OHHH the Raya epidemic has definitely befallen on everyone!

We're yet to know if the moon sighters' been successful or not but we should be right? Malaysia and Indonesia are celebrating Eid already today and if we don't celebrate ours tomorrow, would it be feasible to go the extra two days while our neighbours are already sick of their raya? And I was wondering - now that parts of the world are celebrating right, does that mean syaitan is already amongst us? Or is it only where Syawal has already started? The mind boggles over trivial things.

And today I was feeling pretty casual at work but not too sloppy joe so I wore Shop Naisha's maxi skirt, a batwing blouse I got from a bazaar at The Mall, a striped brown shawl and an extra extra large cardigan from Retrostar in Melbourne. I did think about wearing my Docs to work today but that would've been too casual which might cause me to sleep so I wore a nice pair of shoes.

Olive really does work well with reds and pinks huh? I think the whol colour blocking hoopla applies to tacky colours (NOT) too and that's why I like it so much!

Raya preparations have commenced at the Halim resident. Rugs are vacuumed, corners are swept, dust are dusted, tables are set. You know, the whole nine yards. We did some last minute shopping today as well so we went to Soon Lee in Sg Liang. Cool traffic control we got there btw, aces! And being the lazy me I put on my lazy pants! Yes I love lazy pants!!!! They're too wicked and if I can get a hold of more of them I would. I can't find any lazy pants here in Brunei, why is that? I wear my lazy pants all the time and, when possible, any where. You've seen the blue animal prints one and here I am with the floral ones. I've got a pair of body-builders' lazy pants too and ohhh please get more lazy pants to Brunei please. Thank you =)

So so soooo..... how's your raya preparation? What did you wear today? How's your lazy Tuesday?