Thursday, June 28, 2012

Still Carvings Journey - KL


Another milestone in the Still Carvings journey.
My bracelets have reached Kuala Lumpur!!!
Will be collaborating with my friend in July for her new releases. InsyAllah, should be a great beginning for the both of us. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to grow and expand. Such a great blessing. Am leaning towards expanding in KL, with help from lovely Wani. I hope that this will be the start of something big. 

And also, presenting the new Still Carvings collections!! 
Enter the Still Carvings Tribal Braid (available as they are and I also have a collection with hexes); and the Still Hex Macrame. It was a special request by Wani, herself, but now I would like to include it in the official Still Hex collection!!  Thank you, Allah, for giving me the gift of time and strength to push myself forward.

I will be releasing more of the Tribal Braid ones in the next post! 
And more about Still Hex Macrame in the near future.

Such a great day amidst how busy I have been with le career *jumps in colourful joy*


  1. Congratulations Nisa! The bracelets look lovely on Wani's arm! *waves at Wani* hehehhe <3

    1. Thank babe this is with your help jua ni. LOL bukan Wani's arm tu, ia punya husband hehehe but I don't need to second guess thinking how cool it'll look on her arm! <3

  2. Lol! my arm is like orangutan! i sent nisa a photo of what i wanted and i love the fact that she did more! 3 parts bracelet? i've got to love it! my husband wears each (well im keeping two!) now as our everyday accessory :)