Monday, April 9, 2012

Staying Positive

You hardly find somebody who's ever positive in everything they do nowadays. It's a lost art, this positivity. My take is that people have SO many wants, not knowing they can only afford so much, that they begin to get disappointed when they can't afford something. Don't you agree? Say a person, who earns $200, wants to buy a $90k vehicle. He knows that in the shortest time he wont be able to pay for that amount of money no matter how hard he tries to save. He has food to buy, clothes to repair, shoes to replace, and a family of 5 under his responsibility. The thing is, it is OK to be optimistic and dreaming about going somewhere but it is not OK to just lean back and be bitter for the rest of your life.

What I'm saying is that if you know that you cannot afford something, then you have to realise that you cannot afford something. Look for substitutes, work harder for it or simply accept the fact that living averagely is still acceptable. I don't understand why people have to go up to that level of arrogance, and ignorance, if I may, just to compete with people who earn more than them. Cut yourself some slack will you? It is OK to be average and it is OK to have less than the person who owns a horse. Some people would go that extra length for a loan just so they can buy a flat screen TV when in fact they don't actually need it. They don't watch TV! It's just there so that they can show it off to the people who come over to their houses. They bask in the "OOoohh it's so HUGE!" comments. How is it possible that petty things like this can make you feel good about yourself? How can your ego simply be lifted by comments like this when you're in pain paying interest?

Sad how this kind of ego + ignorance is common amongst our people. Everyone is always competing to be seen and recognised. Extra sad, if you ask me.

So stay positive. Stay uplifted even if you can't get what you want. Stay happy when you see somebody has something but you can't. Stay appreciative of the things that you already have and can afford without falling into debt. Stay positive always. Do not worry about the speed of getting "there", just worry about making something so you can have something in return. Work hard for your dreams and keep that dream in your grasp. Don't let go for if you do, you will look back and regret knowing that you were actually one step closer to success. Always stay positive. No matter how tired you get, how angry you get, how frustrated you get all these don't matter as long as you want change to happen. Positivity is the key thing that will encourage you to be a better person. It's the one thing that may drive you further forward. It will be that one thing that may make you as proud as a shiny medal.

I, too, have days when I feel like giving up and just quit everything. But over the years I learnt that if I don't give up I will always get to see myself moving forward. I keep my dreams in my grasp and I plant it deep in my heart. Every waking hour I will keep telling myself that I will get there, I will achieve my dreams and I will go to that place where I've always wanted. I have felt failure and I have seen failure so many times but this heart of mine will never let me give up. Sure, life IS a struggle and I feel it everyday, especially where I'm at today, but I want to see change happen and I want to reach out. I do that everyday, I reach out and encourage people to move forward. Alhamdulillah I see a few changes here and there, there's not much but knowing that what I've done have some kind of impact on my people I'm thankful.

Through all this struggle I am just keeping positive and I am always looking afar for more things that may shape me, us, them, him, and her to be better and not giving up on the reality of life. This is what staying positive is actually for. For you to be stronger and for you to fight for your lives.

With that, I wish everyone a splendid week ahead. Don't forget to start with the right niat and do everything with Bismillah. InsyAllah, the doors of rizq may be opened for us and our prayers be granted by Allah SWT. Good luck with your challenges today, everyone!

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