Sunday, December 4, 2011


Still Pochettes

I have just finished making these cute little mobile phone pouches tonight. They are so much fun to make! For a start, I am really bad in measuring for precision but these ones are cut almost to perfection so yeayy!! The good thing is, they can easily double as anything at all - for your emergency stash, for your pens, to put your reading glasses in, etc. Nothing to lose, so much to gain ;)

Anyway, they are selling for $8 per piece. If you're interested to get them do contact me and we'll arrange payment, pick-up, delivery, etc. These pouches, as far as "testing" has gone, can fit iphones (given that you haven't used any bumpers or casing) and Nokia E6. So I'm pretty sure it can fit any mobile phones :) **If you're not sure we can still meet up and give them a try.

I know they are not many to start with but I suppose they're still a good start. The problem that I'm mainly facing is that I don't know where to get materials to make things with sometimes. But then again it's a matter of exploring. I'm really lucky to be able to find these patterns but they surely are limited (mainly in size and quantity). AND I have these really really funky 90s-ish patterns that I don't know what to turn into. I'll give you a sneak peek soon ;p





Also, I have MORE Still Couleurs Bracelets for sale (and the two left from last batch). Yeay! The colours are more neutral now but I'm pretty sure any fashionista out there can colour block the heck out of them! These are still $2 per piece so yes, if you're interested, do let me know in the comment below or in my facebook inbox :)

Light blue and brown batik-ish patterns $2 each

Really blue vintage $2 each

Green Polka $2 each

And I have two yellow bracelets left (first two ones from the previous Couleurs post). I should say many many thanks to those who purchased my first Still Couleurs. I hope they're as enjoyable to accessorise as anything else in your jewelry boxes ;) Can't thank you all enough for your support.


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