Sunday, November 13, 2011

Something for everyone

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I was just going through my folders and found this. I don't remember where I got this from. So I am sharing this with everyone with the hopes that we will get the benefit together in staying healthy and fit. Healthy and fit aren't just for the body you know, our minds and conscience need to be healthy too. Especially when we work in an environment that requires us to make decisions everyday and think on our feet, we need to consume food and supplements that keep us active and going throughout the day.

I myself have been taking spirulina since early this year (on and off though) and I can confirm that there's a difference for when I do take them and when I don't. I tend to get really really tired when I go without but when I do I'm always looking forward to start my day because my mind and body becomes really active and it'll drag on until the end of the day.

If you're still sceptical you can go to the Australian Spirulina FAQ page (linked) and read about it. It's explained simply in this page and hopefully you'll gain a little more perspective and be ready to take spirulina for your everyday supplements :D

I sound like those health promoters on TV telling people eat this not that, do this not that hehe but first hand experience is always the way to share innit?

Aight my bellas I hope it has been a great weekend so far for everyone of you. Make the most out of the rest of it and most importantly - STAY HEALTHY!


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