Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have been told many times over that success comes from perseverance, dedication and commitment. I couldn't agree more.

We persevere even when faced with many failures and disappointment.
We dedicate ourselves to the thing that we wish to succeed in.
We commit our heart and soul to our given tasks and passion.

To those who are far from understanding what success means, of course the three above would look so very scary. But to those who really want to make their lives meaningful, to persevere, to dedicate and to commit are the mantras that never stop being chanted in their hearts.

A few days ago, I have had the honour of being on stage and presenting prizes to kids who have succeeded in their final year examinations. Though a lot of people pointed out that it is quite an adult thing to do, my mind is actually quite lingering on how I wish all the kids in the school are to be presented with prizes for being excellent studs. Later during our lunch, I had a chance to speak to the school's principal and true enough it is quite a struggle to embed success to these kids. There are so many factors that may affect these kids in such a way but to me what's important is for their parents, siblings and even friends to remind them that success is something that may not only help you in the future but also it is something that can help you feel good about yourself.

Not just education, but knowledge is also one of the many things that mean a lot to me. Sure, I'm a nerd. But being one sure as heck has helped me go through hard phases in my life. The principal complained that it is quite a predicament that internet are banned in some schools because the students abuse it for the wrong reasons. This is the main problem about having technology that we have become very reliant to. People always struggle with research via the internet, always saying that there are a lack of information on the internet but I used the internet mainly for my thesis and I got a distinction for it. Can you tell me how this can even be possible? What I'm trying to say is it is a matter of responsibility and wanting to learn that can make even the hardest thing look easy. When you put your heart and mind onto something failure, although inevitable, may be quite impossible.

Sure I've been through failure. Lots and lots of them. Failures in school, games and life. Unavoidable but I still manage to stand up and brush myself off to try again and again. Even now, as I'm sitting here, I am still looking for things to help success prevail. It is a matter of handling your own life, taking control of who you want to become and be proactive instead of reactive. When you have a good idea, work out how you can turn it into something executable and durable. If you just sit there and do nothing, then it wouldn't be anyone else's fault that you're there sulking and thinking why you're not acknowledged by those around you. It's all about taking action and braving through the storm of life.

Some people are more driven by ego. So ashamed of doing petty jobs just because they have Masters or Degree or what have you. But to me it doesn't matter what we do as long as we dedicate ourselves to it. I have done so many petty jobs out there. I have heard so many times people saying to me, "Why do that when you have a degree? Surely you want to be paid what you're worth?" Frankly, yeah sure maybe I want that, I want money to get me to places and buy me things but honestly that is not the most important thing to me. It's being content that I like feeling. I don't want anything else. And because of this I don't care if you tell me I'm not right for my job or I'm too smart for this because not only am I doing this for my own self contentment, I am also doing this for the sake of Allah because I have been led to this path and it feels so good to be here. This is how I know it is meant for me. Just like all the other decisions I've made, when I don't feel it's right, I get out.

My advice is, do not be driven by greed or envy, when you decide to do something. It is not right to do something for the sake of being praised nor is it right doing it for the sake of making somebody jealous of you. Where is the barakah in that? People are so caught up in worldly matters and wanting to be given attention to by others that they forget the main reason why they live in this world right now is to serve Allah in akhirah. I don't get why some people are so so little that they like to condescend others just to make themselves feel good and mighty. If you act foolish to people what do you think Allah will think about you? Sure, you can outsmart people right now, win arguments with them, but what if one day Allah takes that back from you? You have to know that your strength is given for you to do something good about it and your weakness so that you can reach deep within yourself to make better of your life and improve to become better and THEN make good with it.

There are so many things that can contribute to success in this life that can also contribute to success in akhirah. This is why all the knowledge that you've gleaned from places, have to be worthy of knowing and learning. Lend a helping hand to those in need and do it for the sake of Allah. If you're the type who is so used to showing off your smart alec-ness, then use it to guide people to do good.

And when you think it is not worth getting highly educated because it's just "the in thing" then so be it just as long as you persevere through life and start from the bottom to reach the top. I know some people who are like this - who started from the bottom and now they're up top. These are those who strive to have a better life and as a general principle, this ought to be everyone's outlook on life. Don't be imprisoned by "This is my takdir, I shall accept it" because that is not true. You have to be smarter than that.

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