Sunday, October 16, 2011

This total lushness called The Weekend

This outfit that I wore yesterday tells a lot of story about how my Saturday went. How good my Saturday was definitely made my Sunday a very valuable one and I am very thankful for the nice friends God has given me :)

I had a really great Saturday out with my friends and myself! It all started with Santy and Hakeem's wedding (well, they got married weeks ago but you gotta be a stalker to know the real "why"). We all missed each other and decided hey, we should all meet up for lunch to catch up! And that we did! Had sushi at Excapade and it's so nice hearing Santy and Hakeem's story about their honeymoon in HAWAII! FTW, please, who else do I know who has been to Hawaii for their honeymoon? Ahh, I feel like I should go there one day. Cool enough their stop over was in Japan and that's a cool idea for a roundtrip "almost" around the world, right? Right?

And then at 2pm I went to Zen Spa. OOOoooohhh all ye lush things in the world and spa treatment being one of 'em. I had a body scrub and mask done which was followed by a really relaxing aromatherapy massage. Really needed that. It has been put on halt long enough. And of course the masseuse had a hard time taking the knots on my shoulders off. Gee I have been so stressed with work and wanted to rest during weekends that I'd forgotten how my body needed as much care as my mind. But that's all been taken care of now. All good =) After coming down from Zen, I just sat in my car not wanting to drive or go anywhere coz I was just THAT relaxed but good thing I did coz my next agenda was meeting my other friends for dinner and movie!

Had dinner at Kopitiam at the Airport coz we were meeting somebody there. I don't like airports. I think I like hospitals more than airports. Ugh, the familiar ding dongs that reminds you of your last call, that sombre cry on someone's shoulder before entering the departure hall. Terrible. But yesterday it was different so I ain't complaining hehehe.

Anyway, the outfit. I wore a yellow maxi dress that I bought from my cousin in Brisbane. It was a bit huge for my size but it works so well! I especially love that it's yellow. And I've had this animal print vintage dress from American Rag with me but never really wore it here in Brunei. I don't know why exactly but maybe coz the sleeves aren't long enough, the length itself is so 70s and to top it all, it's twice my size! So what I did was I turned the dress into a sort of a jacket or a long cardigan if you may. Sewed on shoulder pads and voila! Works perfectly! I think I'm favoriting this outfit til infinity! Totally love that it can double as an abaya too so perhaps next time when I don't have anything else to wear for formal occasions I'll rock up with this outfit.

How perfect is it that I'm looking forward for Monday hmm? Actually not really but I'm forcing myself to LOL! So many things due and so little time... it's alright ;)

Hope your weekend's been good too!


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