Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Over the Weekend blues

Nope, I didn't get the Monday blues yesterday. It was my weekend that was really really blue. I was bitter and vulnerable and that's not a good look now is it? But thank heavens we went to have Ambuyat to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday and now all is good.

I had on Lymo's Shop's tribal print scarf, a tweed coat that I bought long ago from Retrostar in Melbourne, a loose cotton on shirt and my newfound love for a pair of pants! BATIK! Can't have enough of batik, the more the merrier ^_^ It was nice not having to wear jeans for a while now although it still felt comfy wearing my work jeans yesterday with a pair of Oxfords. Oh boy...

My head's not really here for an update. It's 7pm and I'm sleepy. Man I'm getting old~

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